A mouthwatering look at what in-flight meals used to be like

It’s always fascinating to take a look at the past! For example, you’ll be surprised to discover how airplane meals have changed in the last half a century. As it turns out, air travelers had once enjoyed onboard services that were on a par with those offered by top-rated Michelin restaurants! Recently, Norwegian air carrier Scandinavian Airlines has released nostalgia-inducing photos from the 1950s to1980s, showing its passengers dining on crab, lobster, gammon, and caviar.

Today, WeGoRo offers you the chance to see these pictures. But, be warned — they shouldn’t be viewed on an empty stomach!

Security regulations were much more relaxed back then. Nowadays, they don’t even have kitchen knives onboard anymore!

First class passengers used to be offered fresh fish and smoked meat. Drinks used to be served in real — not plastic — glasses.

In the 1960s, tea used to be offered in exquisite tea sets, accompanied by a piece of freshly made cake.

Fresh fruit, anyone?

Of course, economy class meals always looked less impressive. This is what they used to be like in the 1960s.

And this photo shows economy class mealtime in the 1980s. Looks more like what we get served in-flight these days!

Then again, the1980s in-flight business class service looks positively amazing.

Back in those days, you had the chance to start off with champagne and caviar...

.... and then move on to a lavish dinner, served on real porcelain plates.

’Who’s for some freshly ground pepper?’

They still offered lobster in business class in the 1980s!

’Can I have a ti-i-i-i-ny piece of that, please?!’

We can only guess that, in those days, food trolleys were charmed against turbulence!

’I’d like some fresh lobster and a cold appetizer!’

Behold — the lost golden age of in-flight catering!

Based on materials from The SAS Museum, Published with the courtesy of , The SAS Museum Oslo airport Norway