A day in the life of a shop assistant

We often assume that shop assistants find it perfectly pleasant to work with us. And in fact, that’s true — just not always. Sometimes. Well, from time to time. However, they are always patient and willing to help us out.

We at WeGoRo admire the patience of those who work with the general public, who can be so unpredictable and illogical when shopping!

It’s only November, but you already hate Christmas.

Sometimes you feel like you’ve got superpowers.

At other times you think of changing your style.

Some things just have to be checked twice.

Of course, when you’ve just decided to have lunch...

Sometimes you have to do it all over again.

And sometimes no one wants to talk to you.

Or, on the contrary, everyone wants you at the most inconvenient time.

People often abuse your generosity.

But there are times when your help is invaluable.

Marat Nugumanov for BrightSide.me