9 Strange Scientifically Proven Ways to Stay Healthy

Medicine and science offer us more and more new methods to stay healthy. And though sometimes they might sound a little strange, they have already proven their efficiency.

We at WeGoRo decided to collect the most unusual methods of health support that we’d never even imagined.

Stay with us because at the end of the article there is a bonus waiting for you. It is definitely something that every woman should know.

9. A short nap after a cup of coffee creates miracles.

Scientists have found out that a short nap after a cup of coffee affects the body beneficially. The participants of the experiment had a "coffee nap" and then took a test in a car simulator. As a result, they made fewer mistakes than if they had just slept, drunk coffee, or taken a placebo without caffeine. Moreover, they felt rested.

To reach such a result, it’s recommended to drink coffee pretty quickly. Go to sleep immediately afterward. Don’t worry if you are not able to fall asleep instantly as simply relaxing and half-dreaming is enough. After 15-20 minutes, you should get up before you enter the stage of deep sleep.

8. A low-calorie diet provokes a greater appetite.

A heightened focus on calorie counting leads to a negative result in losing and maintaining an optimal weight. When we choose a low-calorie snack instead of a full-fledged meal, it only dulls the feeling of hunger for a while. But very soon we start feeling an increased hunger again and consume even more calories.

7. Give your preference to a regular soap rather than an antibacterial one.

Actually, there is no proof that antibacterial soap is more effective than regular soap and water. In a number of studies, the results have shown that triclosan — widely used in the manufacturing of most toothpastes, deodorants, and liquid antibacterial soap — is extremely harmful to our body.

For example, its excess can lead to a decrease in the natural bactericidal barrier of the body, changing the microbiome inside the human gut and, moreover, negatively affecting the development of embryos.

6. Work in a standing position at every opportunity.

The research of British scientists among bus drivers and conductors has shown that spending the whole day in a driver’s seat is much more harmful than walking along a bus. Hypodynamia has a very negative effect on the cardiovascular system. In a body suffering from a lack of movement, blood transports nutrients and oxygen at half the speed.

During a working day, one should use any opportunity to stretch his muscles. For example, having a walk during a lunch break or doing a little physical exercise. Recently, the idea of a "standing desk" (working in a standing position) has become more popular.

5. Eat apple peel.

Eating more greens, fruits, and vegetables will not harm anyone. But perhaps apples are worth paying a little more attention to. They contain quercetin, a substance that has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and other useful properties. Moreover, they protect the brain cells from damage, which means that they hinder learning problems.

4. Handwritten notes improve mental abilities.

Not only is it useful to draw but to take notes by hand. The results of research by the State University of Indiana prove that taking notes longhand develops mental abilities such as psychomotor coordination, attention, memory, and so on. While writing, the parts of the brain that are responsible for reading activate as well. This doesn’t happen when taking notes on a laptop.

3. Do not brush your teeth within an hour of eating.

Many dentists are convinced that brushing your teeth right after eating is comparable to trying to remove dental plaque with sandpaper. Any food (especially citrus fruits, fruits containing acids, tomatoes, sports drinks, and sodas) makes the enamel of our teeth more sensitive to external influences. By breaking this rule, we let acids penetrate into the deep layers of our teeth. Eventually, this will lead to cavities forming. The solution is to rinse the mouth with plain water.

2. Get rid of the alarm clock.

Out of the 5 sleeping stages, the most suitable for waking up are the 1st, 2nd, and 5th. Getting up during these stages will help a person feel more rested. Conversely, any sharp noise that makes you wake up disturbs your sleep and brings a lot of stress to the body.

During the day, a person feels irritable, and vision, memory, and reactions to events worsen. Over time, it can provoke cardiovascular diseases, strokes, neurological disorders, and intellectual decline. To be able to wake up without an alarm clock, it is necessary to accustom yourself to a certain regime. For example, you should go to sleep at the same time.

1. Don’t take other people’s opinions to heart.

The results of scientific research prove that people who are calm to the opinion of society live longer. Still, most people need support. That’s why you should surround yourself with people that can inspire and support you on your life path.


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Which of these tips are you already using in life? Please let us know in the comments!

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