8 Tips to Make Your Life Better

We always make the same mistakes, falling into the trap of the lessons we haven’t learned: the lessons life is constantly trying to teach us.

WeGoRo collected the "traps" we fall into the most often. They all look familiar, don’t they?

8. Learn to take responsibility.

We’re responsible for what’s happening in our lives. Give up the habit of shifting the blame onto someone else. Take responsibility for your life to the fullest — it’s worth it!

7. Try to accept...

People change. It’s a fact. Yet only if they want to, and we cannot change anything. Instead, we can accept them as they are.

6. ...and let go in time.

Let bygones be bygones. We cannot turn the clock back. And do we really need to? Oddly enough, the banal phrase "Everything is for the best" really is true.

5. Be strong.

There are people who need us. And we should be strong for them. Not for them — for ourselves. Because it’s a great feeling to be needed, and everyone should experience it at least once.

4. Think about consequences, not immediate desires.

Any of our actions change our lives and the lives of others in some way — even in the most insignificant manner. Imagine that life is a chess game, and try to foresee the consequences of your actions. You won’t always be right, but you’ll acquire the nice habit of thinking about consequences.

3. Try to act with courage.

The most stunning feeling in life is not love. It is a sense of the correctness of your actions, the importance of your work, the correctness of your life. And all you need for this is to act as your heart tells you.

2. Look for mutuality, and let everything else pass by.

Surround yourself with people who love you. Sounds simple? So if it’s really that easy, why do we communicate with people who don’t make us feel good, who don’t evoke good feelings in us, and who don’t make our lives happier? We can choose our friends. Choose those who have chosen you.

1. Don’t postpone your life for later.

It’s not a surprise, but for some reason we live like we’re gonna live forever. We postpone the important things for the next Monday that never comes. We refuse great chances to change our lives. We’re always waiting for something. And time’s running out right now.

Illustrator Natalia Kulakova for BrightSide.me