8 Mystical Photographs That Depict What Simply Can’t Be Possible

The world keeps many secrets. And if science can’t explain something, it does not necessarily mean that we have to write off the findings as improbable. If you dig deep enough, you can find a lot of interesting things that don’t have any logical explanations.

WeGoRo has collected photos that can’t exist. But here they are! Everyone will choose for themselves how to treat these phenomena. Let’s be amazed together.

1. A Swiss watch in a sealed ancient tomb

When they opened a tomb of the Ming Dynasty, scientists never imagined that they’d find a ring watch with a Swiss inscription. How could this be? So far, there are no answers. The age of the find is estimated at 400 years. Even more questions are raised by the fact that the tomb was not opened before, which makes it impossible to assume that the watch was placed there by a modern person. How could the watch have got in there? Perhaps one of the scientists decided to prank his coworkers with such a controversial artifact.

2. A 38-cm-long finger from Egypt

The finding of Swiss entrepreneur and antiquity lover Gregor Spörri still raises a lot of questions. From his words, in 1988 he was brought together with a tomb raider, who showed Gregor this artifact. Spörri describes it as very light and incredibly large. Unfortunately, this finger was never sold to him, although he was shown a certificate of authenticity and an X-ray image (at the moment, their location is unknown). The desperate man tried to find the seller 10 years later, but he failed. It is still unknown whether this artifact was true proof of the existence of giants or just a clever hoax.

3. A photograph of a ghost in The Stanley Hotel

This photo was taken by Henry Yau, Director of Public Relations of the Children’s Museum in Houston. He and his wife stayed at this hotel and decided to capture the interior of the hall as a souvenir photo. According to him, after he photographed the lobby, he felt restless and weak all night. Imagine his surprise when, in the morning, he found something in the photo that he had definitely not seen through the lens! There are many hypotheses about what he photographed, but a completely reliable explanation has still not been found.

4. A pyramid on the Moon

There are numerous photographs of the surface of the Moon that cause a lot of questions. In this one, you can see a clear pyramid shape, which you can definitely not call the result of the play of light and shadows or some kind of natural formation. So what’s going on with our eternal companion? We wonder when we’ll be able to learn the whole truth.

5. Glowing balls in the Mekong River in Thailand

The lights rise from the river and, after flying a few hundred meters, disappear. Modern science can’t explain this. The locals themselves believe that behind this stands Nag — a man-snake inhabiting the river. And since this phenomenon occurs almost always in October, local residents even hold festivals dedicated to this event. So what are these balls? Maybe scientists will soon be able to understand it all.

6. A famous UFO photograph

This must be the most famous photo of a UFO in history. To this day, there has been a heated debate about whether it’s a fake or an original. The photo itself was taken in 1950 in the USA at a time when the country had just got over the radio show “The War of the Worlds,” which caused mass panic and fear of the unknown. This picture leaves more questions than it gives answers since there is no completely proven hypothesis of its occurrence even at the present time.

7. The unsolved anomaly of the Baltic Sea

Swedish researchers found an anomaly at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in 2011. Things were strange from the very beginning when scientists swam to the disk-shaped object. The electronic equipment stopped working. But as soon as they swam a little further away, it was as if their equipment had never failed at all. Until now, there is no exact hypothesis of what is at the bottom of the sea. And without the proper financing of a new expedition, the mystery might never be revealed.

8. Inexplicable circles in South Africa

These mysterious circles appeared in the desert of Namibia, and the local bushmen call them circles of death and are afraid to approach them. Scientists put forward many hypotheses from termites to a huge underground plant, but not a single one of them has any firm answers, and so the question remains to this day. The most incredible hypotheses boil down to the assumption that this valley (by the way, the driest in the world) might somehow be connected with UFOs. Who knows?

Do you know of any other amazing and controversial items and places on our planet? Maybe you even found one yourself? Share your mind-boggling discoveries with us!

Preview photo credit xinli110