8 Mistakes That Spoil the Shape of Your Bust

The décolleté area is very delicate. While we take care of our faces, we should not forget about our bust. In our everyday life, we often forget about this body part and do not give the necessary care to it.

WeGoRo presents the 8 most common missteps that deserve our attention.

The wrong size of bra

Surprisingly, only 25% of women wear bras in the correct size. Other women choose smaller or bigger sizes. Both of these choices are wrong: breasts lose their shape without necessary support, and tight lingerie constricts blood vessels.

Tweezing hairs

Delicate breast skin is sensitive to hair tweezing. It is better to remove unwanted hair in more gentle ways.

Breast pinching

It seems that some women may like it. However, it is not totally harmless: the effect from pinching can be compared to that of tight lingerie.


Any piercing is potentially dangerous because of the risk of inflammation. Breast piercing is even more dangerous because lymph nodes lies very close here. One more disadvantage: it is impossible to wear lace lingerie with pierced nipples.

Jogging without a sports bra

The G-force of Mother Earth is still there. Jogging and performing other activities without a special sports bra may lead to breast deformation.

Sleeping on your stomach

Your breasts won’t become smaller, but their shape may change with time. If you want to sleep on your stomach in a way that’s harmless to your bust, put a blanket or a pillow under yourself.

Not using creams

Décolleté zone skin should be moisturized and protected from the sun. You should remember that the skin here is very sensitive.

Plastic surgery

Some women are happy with the size of...one of their breasts. The difference between the size and the shape of lacteal glands occurs frequently. However, it is not important enough to resort to surgery.

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