8 Crazy Moments From Your Childhood Toons That You Should Censor for Your Kids

When we were kids, we never thought about such things as innuendos. Who could even pronounce that word, right? Innuendos in cartoons? Crazy to even think about it. However, now we’ve grown up, we can see so many of them in our childhood favorites.

WeGoRo found the 8 craziest moments in the cherished cartoons of your childhood.

8. Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny enjoy reading an adult magazine

Yes, you see it right. They are reading a Playduck magazine! Don’t you just wonder what the cartoonists were trying to say? If you don’t believe us, watch for yourself here.

7. SpongeBob’s innuendos

SpongeBob SquarePants can totally win a “Pioneer in inappropriate moments“ award. The number of episodes that you’d have to label as PG is huge! In ”The Play’s the Thing," he apparently is blowing a bunch of balloons to shape them as Squidward. But something goes wrong...check for yourself here.

6. Hey Arnold!

Who knew that years later we’d notice all these crazy moments in this great cartoon series of our childhood? Good thing we had no Internet back then! In season 2’s episode "The Eating Contest," a sign on the wall appears to be a little awkward, or so it seems.

5. Three Little Pigs

The final scene ends so joyfully, yet we see a portrait on the wall that...well, ruins the moment. Can’t believe your eyes? Check it out here.

4. Donald Duck’s sleeping moment

Will you be able to watch Donald Duck with your kids now and NOT notice this "Wide Open Spaces" episode from 1947?

3. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy

One of the classy TV toons from our childhood has just been ruined for us. We cannot believe we’ve seen it. We want to unsee it.

2. Shrek’s sarcasm or inappropriate jokes?

Clearly, Donkey does not get the joke. Why would he? Would you get it back in 2001?

1. Aladdin’s moment

Oh no! Our favorite Disney movie cannot have such jokes! But it does, and it looks like Genie is hinting at something.

Bonus: Rugrats’ Grandpa Lou and his favorite video

Grandpa Lou, why, oh why did you have to make this comment???

Preview photo credit Nickelodeon