7 Unexpected Family Ties Between Celebrities

It turns out that some celebrities are related by kinship they themselves didn’t even know about until they became famous.

WeGoRo found 7 pairs of famous people who turned out to be relatives, though sometimes distant.

Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola

Nicolas Cage’s real name is Nicolas Kim Coppola. There are 10 near relatives in the Hollywood actor’s family, and all of them are connected with creativity and cinematography. One of his relatives is Sofia Coppola, director of the movies Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette. Sofia is a cousin of Nicolas Cage.

Guy Ritchie and Kate Middleton

The famous director Guy Ritchie and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are relatives. Guy and Kate are aware of the fact that they’re relatives, though distant. Guy was even at the wedding of Kate and Prince William. Their common ancestors are the spouses David Martineau and Sarah Meadows who lived in the XVIII century.

Angelina Jolie and Hillary Clinton

Who would have thought that Angelina Jolie had a relative among American politicians? Jean Cusson is the ancestor who connects Angelina Jolie and Hillary Clinton. These women are cousins in the 9th generation.

Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling

Justin Bieber also has a big family tree where you can find celebrities. One of Justin’s relatives is Ryan Gosling. Justin and Ryan are cousins in the 11th generation.

Pharrell Williams and Timbaland

The two talented producers Pharrell Williams and Timbaland are blood relatives. These famous musicians are cousins.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Сhildhood friends and Academy Award holders Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are also relatives. The connection of these guys is distant, but it does exist. Matt and Ben are 10th cousins to each other.

Prince Charles and Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes discovered the royal roots in his family tree. Charles, Prince of Wales, is Ralph’s 8th cousin.

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