7 Tips for the Ideal Flight Most Travelers Don’t Know About

Airplanes are one of the most modern forms of transport, and it’s no surprise that many people who use them don’t know about all of their peculiarities.

We at WeGoRo have collected some important tips for traveling by air that can really help to make your journey a lot more comfortable.

The seats by the window are colder

The temperature outside the cabin can fall to as low as −60°С to −65°С, which cools down the temperature of the plane’s fuselage. This external cold can be felt above all in those seats by the windows, especially during summer when most people wear light clothing. So if you enjoy gazing at the views out the window, it’s best to dress a little warmer.

You should avoid drinking coffee or tea

The drinking water used to prepare hot beverages onboard can contain malignant bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. This conclusion has been reached on more than one occasion by specialists who have examined items used by various airlines in laboratory conditions. So instead of drinking tea or coffee, it’s best to ask for bottled water or fruit juice.

The folding tables and seat pockets are some of the dirtiest parts of the plane

Some of the trash accumulated during flights usually ends up in the pockets on the back of the seat in front of you. And, unfortunately, these pockets aren’t cleaned anywhere near as thoroughly as you would expect. But the news is even worse when it comes to the fold-down tables: air cabin crew admit that people often use them to change their baby’s diaper. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended that you take some wet wipes with you, keep your personal items in your bag, and never place food directly on the table.

The best time for a flight is in the morning

If you have a choice of time for your flight, it’s always a good idea to opt for a morning one. First of all, there is a much smaller chance that it will be delayed. Moreover, if you have a fear of flying, specialists claim that the early hours of the day are subject to a reduced degree of turbulence.

The service is better when you sit in the final rows

If you sit in the first rows of the plane, you can expect to be the first out the door at the end of the flight as well as get a choice of meal. On the other hand, if you pick a seat closer to the very back of the cabin, you can count on getting more attentive service from the cabin crew. This unexpected bonus is the result of the fact that it’s easier to bring additional food and other things to the final rows of seats and do so in a way that goes unnoticed by other passengers, therefore allowing the crew to avoid additional requests up and down the airplane.

Don’t blow up your neck cushion to full volume

When you take a blow-up pillow for your neck onto the plane, don’t forget about the laws of physics. If you fill it completely with air, due to changes in pressure in the cabin, it might burst. So leave it slightly deflated.

Make a choice in favor of the special menu option

Many airlines now offer a choice of different in-flight meals. There are now vegetarian, seafood, halal, and kosher menus, and many others besides. Even if you have no particular preference, many people recommend going for one of the specialist meal choices in any case as they are often tastier and more varied than the standard one.

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