6 Riddles That Will Break Your Vision of Logic

Some riddles are so mind-boggling you can’t rest until you’ve found the solution. And it’s all the more surprising when it turns out to be really obvious.

WeGoRo brings 6 riddles to all you mystery lovers out there. They will rack your brain over before you finally see the way out.

Riddle #1

Riddle #2

Riddle #3

Riddle #4

Join all the dots with only three lines. Click on the picture to find out the answer.

Riddle #5

Riddle #6

It was a Sunday afternoon when Mr. James was found dead outside his mansion, buried under the snow. On noticing him, the gardener informed James’ wife. The wife immediately called the police. The police questioned everybody and got these alibis:

  • The gardener had been building a snowman and removing snow off the flowers.
  • The maid had been making the bed.
  • The son had been having a hot shower.
  • The cook had been making breakfast.
  • The wife had been reading a book while waiting for her breakfast.
  • The sister had been sitting near the fireplace.

Later that day two of them got arrested. Who were they?

The wife and the cook. Who makes breakfast in the afternoon?

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