6 Brilliant Tips to Impress Anyone at a Party Even if You’re Socially Awkward

6 Brilliant Tips to Impress Anyone at a Party Even if You’re Socially Awkward

Social awkwardness happens to the best of us. While some might feel inferior because they’re often nervous and slightly withdrawn at social events, we at WeGoRo think that these folk are what makes the world colorful and unique.

If you are worried about it, however, we’ve got six extremely useful tips to help relieve some of the stress. Try them at your next party or social gathering, and you’ll be sure to impress everyone.

1. Keep your hands busy

When you’ve got something in your hand, it makes you feel less self-conscious. Why do you think the invention of the stress ball was such a huge hit? The prop in question could be a number of things: a drink, a small plate or napkin with food on it, or a purse.

2. Think about topics of conversation beforehand

This could be a combination of things including a sincere and friendly greeting, how you both know the host of the party, your job, interests, and other common topics of small talk.

3. If you go blank, stick to current events or common interests

When it comes to politics, you’ll have more than enough to talk about. If it’s more obvious forms of hilarity you’re after, go for a funny viral story you recently read on Facebook or a video that is doing the rounds.

4. Try to attend the party with at least one friend or person you know

We know that it’s not always an option to have a bestie or even someone you know very well with you while at a social gathering or party. But if there is any chance of it becoming a reality, you’ll at least have them around for social support. Alternatively, if you’re all on your lonesome, refer to the next point.

5. Stay close to the food or drinks table

If you stand near the food or drinks table, you’re setting yourself up for a double win. Firstly, you have something to grab at any given second (keeping your hands busy). Secondly, people are more likely to walk or stand near you, giving you more chances of striking up a conversation.

6. Don’t eat anything hot, messy, sticky, or crumbly

Along with nerves come shaky hands. If you’re thinking of going for that delicious plate of hot wings covered in BBQ sauce, we suggest that you just don’t. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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