5 Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Ignore the Appearance of Gray Hair

Gray hair is a natural attribute of age. Some take it calmly while others try to hide it as soon as possible.

However, if you see graying hair in a person who isn’t 30 yet, it could be a sign of alarm. We at WeGoRo decided to find out what the untimely silver in your hair may mean.

Consult a cardiologist if you’re a man and you notice rapid graying of your hair. Scientists revealed that it is often associated with a high risk of ischemic heart disease. IHD shows no symptoms at its initial stage, so pay attention to this particular sign.

Normally, the hair follicles produce a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. However, when it accumulates, it discolors your hair. This condition can be treated with a UVB-activated compound, which is also used for skin pigmentation disorders.

Sometimes, to stop the graying of the hair, it’s enough to keep a balanced diet: scientists found out that a lack of vitamin D3 results in a loss of melanin (a substance that gives color to the skin and hair). The same goes for a lack of vitamin B12.

Smokers shouldn’t be surprised by early silver either. It’s proven now that smoking causes you to grow gray hair much faster than if you’ve never touched a cigarette. This habit also provokes early loss of hair too.

Early gray doesn’t always mean health issues, though; sometimes it’s all about genes.

Untimely graying of hair can be a signal of natural peculiarities of your body, not only of problems. For example, people whose parents had graying hair before 30 notice their first silver hairs at a similar age. Scientists have even found genes that are responsible for early graying of hair and are hereditary.