4 Reasons to Ditch the Bra for Healthier Breasts

You can’t imagine your day without this essential piece of clothing, can you?

We at WeGoRo were surprised when we found out that bras are actually bad for you.

1. Your bra is holding you back from good breast form.

Constant bra-wearing weakens breast muscles and makes them sag. The natural support stops functioning. Anatomically, the breasts are covered by thin elastic skin and supported by the breast ligaments. If you wear a bra all the time, you might experience slight discomfort in that area because the breast ligaments don’t function as they should.

The natural elasticity of skin increases when you stop wearing a bra.

2. Research has shown a connection between bras and benign fibrocystic lumps.

Researchers have proved that a strong connection really exists. Almost 90% of women diagnosed with fibrocystic changes found improvements when they stopped wearing their bras.

3. Bra straps can cause shoulder and back pains.

According to research, patients were invited to stop wearing bras and analyze the feelings in their muscles. 79% of women reported positive experiences in their muscles and decided to go braless from that moment.

4. Natural massage for free breasts.

When you go braless, your breasts are massaged naturally while you walk. This will relieve tense muscles and improve circulation of lymph to prevent or treat inflammation.

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