35 incredibly cool inventions to make your life much easier

Every year designers from all over the world come up with brand-new concepts and ideas, and some of them successfully transform into seriously impressive inventions and awesome gadgets that can simplify your everyday life. These clever products help you cook, clean, and, most importantly, communicate with the world around you more effectively. And you probably thought you didn’t need them until just now.

We at WeGoRo are so in love with these little things that we would gladly meet every designer out there in person and say ’thank you’ for creating this cool stuff.

Salt and pepper shakers to add a dash of magic to your meal

This lightsaber room light guards the sleeping young Jedi from the evil dark forces of the Galaxy

A handy cutting board folds into a colander especially for those who hate washing additional dishes

An egg mold to make breakfast fun and spooky

Salt and pepper shakers that look like snow globes

These ghost sticky notes are perfect for writing in books

With this baking mold your cake can have any shape you like

A mini toaster to have breakfast wherever and whenever you want

A calendar for those who have trouble remembering if they’ve fed their pets

A lamp that casts intricate and beautiful shadows

Cookie molds. It’s time for a cup of tea!

A bandage for those who have had enough of being asked ’How did you injure your arm?’

A whale-shaped colander

A lamp that almost literally pours light

This digital spoon scale is a must-have in your kitchen

Just another fun idea to bake cupcakes

A salt and pepper shaker set. Now you know when to charge them!

A cute watering system for plants that miss the rain

One killer idea for your next garden party

Wouldn’t it be cool if your goldfish could never escape from your bathtub?

A wall light that looks as if a corner of the wall is peeling

For those parents who can’t stand being apart from their little ones

A melon and watermelon slicer — quick and easy!

A toilet paper holder for those who are crazy about photography

Finally! A fork for spaghetti lovers!

This spout pourer instantly makes any bowl more convenient

A fun truck-shaped taco holder

This spoon holder will keep all the messy utensils off the counter

A silicone manatee tea infuser

Candy molds especially for those who have always wanted to taste those small Lego pieces

Danger: this ice cream-shaped door stopper may cause stress to any sweet tooth out there

When filled with Q-tips this holder will make a great hedgehog

This honeycomb-shaped key holder is a great way to organize and store your keys

Don’t worry! This T-Rex will hold your cookies and crackers but will never reach them!

This chemistry spice set will transform your kitchen into a lab