35 Truly Ingenious Ways to Make Your Apartment the Coziest Place

We at WeGoRo have collected these great ideas to help you create your very own magical atmosphere in your apartment.

1. A clay cactus vase

If you want to make this cute little vase, you can find the detailed instructions right here. If you feel like decorating your vase or making it in a bigger size, go ahead! It’ll look great either way.

2. A creative hammock chair for your living room or children’s bedroom

This cozy hammock chair will brighten the atmosphere in your living room or bedroom. And kids will love spending time with a book swinging in this chair. You can make this happen all by yourself.

3. Stylish fabric pots

Your plants look oh-so-boring in some ordinary pots? How about adding some colors?! This stylish way of decorating your plants will sure impress your friends and family.

4. A wooden starburst mirror

Small flat pieces of wood. What could be more boring, one might think. But look how stylish an old mirror looks after the whole process is done! To make this piece of modern art, look here for the designer’s step-by-step directions.

5. Your very own colorful office

Add some color to your desk? What a great idea! Paint your chair and table in your favorite colors, and watch as color therapy works its magic. An old frame can be transformed into a to-do list and there you go — your brand-new office is ready.

6. Stuffed animal net

Here’s an incredibly simple yet very cute idea for where to put all those toys. Get some useful pieces of advice on how to create this hanging net.

7. Japanese-style panel

When creating something this beautiful, just remember — your imagination knows no bounds.

8. A fleece lamb is a great substitute for a regular cushion

Tired of your regular boring cushions? Now wait a second, look who’s sitting on the chair! That’s right — your new and oh-so-cute lamb-shaped cushions.

9. All-purpose ladder

A ladder can be either functional or decorative. But can it be both? Yes, it can.

10. For those who love using spices

Do you often use your favorite seasonings when cooking? If you do, you most probably have a gazillion of those little bottles in your kitchen cabinets. Use this smart idea to organize them all.

11. Nature-inspired details in your living room

Another great environmentally friendly idea for your place. You can experiment with sizes and colors to make your room look naturally fresh.

12. Macrame lace curtains

DIY macrame lace curtains will give your room a cozier look and will definitely brighten your day. Opt for light colors if you want the room to look bigger.

13. A place for charging

A cute little metal basket that says ’Charge here.’ What a smart idea!

14. Glass bottles full of positive energy

Some ordinary glass bottles? Yes, you didn’t misread. A couple of glass bottles, paints, and lots of humor and imagination. Try to make them yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

15. An original approach to book storage

Okay, maybe just one new bookshelf. Or maybe two. Who am I kidding? I need them all. A very creative and space-saving idea.

16. A colorful welcome mat

No more boring welcome mats in front of your door! To make this new colorful mat you’ll need only a brush and some paints. Oh, and some imagination too!

17. Terrarium + side table

Could you ever imagine such a thing being a part of your interior design? If you can, check out the instructions here.

18. This DIY headboard will change your bed

And who knows, maybe it’ll change your life too. Well, at least you can try! To make this simple yet very stylish headboard, you won’t need much time and just a couple of ’ingredients.’

19. A picture frame clock

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use all those photo frames differently? Here’s one great idea to combine frames and a wall clock!

20. Baby changing table idea

A newborn baby requires love, constant care, and a great changing table, of course. All those diapers, bibs, tiny little sleepsuits, and toys! Here’s an idea of how to arrange everything.

21. A jungle theme bedroom

Your kids will absolutely love this creative and overall amazing bedroom design idea with a huge artificial tree, cozy hanging bed in green accents, and cool lighting.

22. Colorful minibar

Your very own little bar can turn into everyone’s favorite place in the big living room. If you’re thinking of creating a bar at your place, this idea can be your inspiration.

23. A house of cups

If everyone deserves to have a home, then everything has to have a place!

24. A vintage lace lamp

A vintage-style item in your interior can become a real eyecatcher. Lace can do magic to your old broken lampshade.

25. A game of colors

It’s a well-known fact that bright colors create good moods. Let them come into your life, and double the number of times you and your beloved ones smile throughout the day.

26. A cozy bench seat in a kid’s bedroom

This cute and cozy bench seat will teach your little ones how to stay organized. Plus, they will have an additional spot to sit in the bedroom.

27. Unusual wallpaper for your kitchen

You never know when some odd idea might work well in your interior design. If you’re not afraid of being spontaneous and love to experiment with shapes and colors, go ahead and give your kitchen an authentic look!

28. DIY flower vases

You can find your future vase in the nearest hardware store. Take a sheet of metal screen, some colored yarn, and get ready to create your very own vase. Oh, and don’t forget to put different glass jars inside.

29. Family bathroom idea

This idea will help your children always know whose towel or bathrobe is hanging on which hook. You can make small photos of every family member, and use them in your bathroom so that no one ever takes someone else’s towel.

30. Orchids and candles

Romantic dates never get old. A couple of scented candles and some flowers will surely put the two of you in the right mood.

31. Jewelry storage mirror

You love jewelry and you have numerous earrings and necklaces? Then you’ll be interested in this secret storage place for your sparkling treasured possessions. You can easily make it without investing too much time and money.

32. The coziest place

Your balcony can be transformed into a cozy place just for you two. Once you add the right accessories and details, it will become your favorite place in the whole apartment...and maybe in the whole world.

33. Sweet memories from the sea

When spending time by the sea we often pick up seashells and small rocks to remind us of sunny days and vacations. If you have your own collection of seashells, don’t let them just hide in some box. They can make great decoration details for candleholders or plant pots.

34. Stylish photo frames

Photo frames hold our memories. But they can also make a great decoration if organized creatively. Involve all your family members in this fun and meaningful activity.

35. A cute welcome mat

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