29 Accidental Photos Where the Amount of Irony Is Unreal

Anything can happen in everyday life, but these 29 unlucky coincidences are truly epic.

WeGoRo has found ironic pictures that don’t need an explanation.

1. It should have been the “Forever Alone Foundation.”

2. Good dog!

3. How much paper do you need to waste first?

4. “My wife bought the same book twice by mistake.”

5. Is this the definition of “ironic”?

6. The old Apple slogan sounds quite ironiс.

7. Thank you, Tide. We’re going to need you.

8. Is this where you wanted the pool?

9. A beautiful ad for this product!

10. Hang on there!

11. An eye doctor business card with a printing fail...

12. Yeah, right!

13. Not much of a choice here.

14. Nice outfit!

15. Gravity in action!

16. History does repeat itself.

17. Irony for sale — $22

18. Maybe you’ll be a princess one day!

19. That’s a bargain!

20. Shall I put mine there?

21. How are you supposed to open this package?

22. Such a good name!

23. The Earth Day run.

24. That must be a really useful book.

25. Really?

26. Why does the symbol of the capital of Saudi Arabia look like a giant bottle opener? Alcohol is forbidden in this country.

27. Now what?

28. My attempt at making a surprise 4th of July cake. As an American working at the Canadian Embassy, it didn’t go over well.

29. If you see a mistake here, you don’t need the classes.

Which of these pictures did you find the most ironic? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit pocahontas92, imgur