28 Photos Showing the Humor Behind the Craziness of Dieting

Statistics claim that 57% of women went on a diet at least once in 2017. We all know that a diet is an incredible ordeal even for the strongest among us. But there are always people who treat the slimming process with humor and never-ending sarcasm.

WeGoRo put together a number of photos that will be understood by anyone who has ever tried to lose weight. We also added a bonus at the end to support your efforts.

28. That’s where the diet ended.

27. The best ad of the year!

26. Someone promised to eat only one cookie.

25. When family support is priceless:

24. Here’s a menu for those who are on a diet:

23. When your husband supports you sticking to your diet:

22. A birthday cake for those who are losing weight

21. When you count your calories but are desperate to drink some soda:

20. Diet Coke is the main thing.

19. There’s no need to take care of your figure anymore.

18. I’m on a diet. My roommate bought this.

17. Thirst for laziness

16. “She said we should lose weight and replace bread with healthy crisps.”

15. When the weight turned out to be different than expected:

14. An excellent choice for those who are trying to lose weight!

13. A sign from above!

12. “My parents put our dog on a diet. This is now how he greets me when I come to visit.”

11. “When you’re on a diet and say you will have just one chip...”

10. When your clothes don’t really look good on you:

9. A perfect solution

8. When you are trying to lose weight:

7. A day before the diet starts:

6. “I have been on a diet for 29 days now, and this is how I feel about anything that tastes good.”

5. The last day of the diet:

4. “It’s still pizza!” my wife said. I’m on a diet.

3. “I’m playing the role of Satan to my coworkers’ diets today in the office.”

2. “That’s how I look when I am on a diet.”

1. An easy way to get the perfect body!

Bonus: The diet will start today.

Remember, you should be humorous about your diets. Being ironic with yourself will help you to overcome this difficult period of time.

Preview photo credit zuola/twitter