28 Inventions Japan Can Boast About

What comes to mind when you think about Japan? It’s a country of contrasts, where untouched nature neighbors advanced technologies. Back in 1995, you could find the now very popular monopod in the book Useless Japanese Inventions. To people who have never lived there and have not grasped Asia and its ways, every invention from Japan can seem extraordinary. Yet it is a fact that the Japanese know how to invent things that will be popular, even if it happens later for the rest of the world.

We at WeGoRo have selected unusual inventions from this amazing country for you to see.

There are no trash bins because the locals do not like the smell of tobacco. If you start smoking in a public place, a polite policeman will offer you a garbage bag.

They have space chocolates. Eating them would be such a pity.

Elevators in Osaka have a "rain" button that will light up if it’s raining outside.

Even the drain covers are unique in this country.

There is a zoo where you can shake "hands" with an otter through a small hole in the glass.

This is a Japanese drone, and it’s the most adorable little thing that has been sent to space. It’s flying around the International Space Station and photographing the astronauts and their surroundings.

This is an aircraft covered in Pokemon drawings. They are very special to the Japanese.

These are "moving the house" trucks. In addition to opening like all other trucks, they also open sideways so that bulky furniture can be easily loaded.

The ladies’ toilets have gentle noise devices. All because Japanese women are shy.

When it rains, some umbrellas change color or have drawings appear on them.

These metal poles are to stop cyclists who ride way too fast.

This is an exosuit, designed by Japanese scientists. Due to its power to control muscles and make them stronger, a person’s body becomes more powerful. The price starts at $5,000.

This is a bath bomb in the shape of Pokeball. There is a surprise inside: a cute little Pokemon.

Almost all chewing gum in Japan is sold with small napkins. You use them to wrap the used gum, and then you throw it out in the garbage at home.

Comfortable chairs for devoted gamers

Fruits and vegetables come in various shapes. It’s unique and also tasty.

The future is now. That’s what the Japanese thought when they invented a fridge that comes to its owner when he or she calls for it.

In the local shops, you can find special razors which encourage men to shave their legs.

Balconies shaped like cups. An unusual architectural design in Japan is always something to admire.

This phone booth serving as a fish tank is a sightseeing must in Kyoto.

Anime lovers still prefer penmanship. For those who are too lazy to write by hand, there is a vending machine that generates handwritten text that actually makes sense.

This is an umbrella parking station, where anybody can drop off their umbrella and retrieve it later. For free.

Smiling bumpers for Suzuki Twin cars. The Cars cartoon in real life.

If you always wanted to have a beautiful voice, why not try this amazing beauty voice training device? It might be a good investment.

Women around the world must be grateful that the Japanese invented noninvasive facelifting masks. No more pain, just some exercising.

Making toast with butter is such an easy task to perform thanks to this Japanese butter stick.

The Japanese also know how women want to look, and they invent great lip devices for them. If you want to have plump and sexy lips, this device is for you.

Last but not least. If you want to take a picture with your friends in a photo booth, be ready to receive a Photoshopped version of yourself with bigger eyes.

Which inventions from our list surprised you the most? Share with us in the comments!

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