27 Rare Celebrity Photos We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off

When you look at old pictures, you can always feel an air of history. Every old photograph has a story behind it: a story of love, life, fame, happiness, or hope.

WeGoRo created a set of rare celebrity photographs that we bet you haven’t seen before. They might leave you feeling nostalgic or a little sad. Some will make you smile and want to spend more time enjoying each picture.

27. Jacques Charrier and Brigitte Bardot, 1968

26. Michael Jackson and Madonna attending the Oscars, 1991

25. Sophia Loren and her newborn son Carlo Ponti Jr., January 4, 1969

24. Marlon Brando, 1949

23. Marlon Brando before and after the makeup for his role in The Godfather (1972). The makeup artist is Dick Smith.

22. Demi Moore, 1982

21. John Travolta on the set of Grease, 1977

20. Monica Bellucci, 1990s

19. Marilyn Monroe photographed by Gene Lester, 1956

18. Young Charlie Chaplin

17. Ernest Hemingway having dinner with a cat, 1950

16. The King of Rock ’n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, and his wife, Priscilla, 1960

15. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, 1980

14. Anthony Hopkins with his cat

13. Johnny Depp and Salma Hayek, 1995

12. Brigitte Bardot, 1962

11. Brigitte Bardot, 1959

10. John Lennon on the set of How I Won the War, 1966

9. American actress and model Sharon Tate

8. The McCartneys, 1976

7. Claudia Schiffer, 1993

6. Richard Gere on the set of Bloodbrothers, 1978

5. Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford on the red carpet at the Oscars, 1993

4. Cindy Crawford, 1987

3. Mick Jagger in Paris, 1971

2. Matthew McConaughey’s school prom photo

"My aunt’s high school prom date just won an Oscar. Congrats, Matthew McConaughey!"

1. Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana, 1991

We find these photos very curious because of their rarity and how they show a new side to the life of each celebrity. Tell us in the comments which you find the most amusing.

Preview photo credit imgur, Gene Lester