26 People Showing What Actually Stays Behind the Scenes of Perfect Photos

How many friends do you need to take the perfect selfie? And are those photos that gain hundreds of likes on social media really truthful? To create the necessary atmosphere, users go to extreme measures, and that’s why it’s so interesting to look behind the scenes.

WeGoRo found 26 photos proving that selfies are very multifaceted things.

Beach vacation. Finally.

When it takes too much time to find the right angle:

3, 2, 1...and relax.

Perfect illumination

“Come on, we just need this pic that everyone has.”

When the light at the store is just as good as the one at the studio:

“She said her legs would look longer.”

When your girlfriend takes photos of everything but you only take photos of her.

The secret is revealed...

No filters...almost.

Because they don’t want to wait for daylight...

You just need proper lighting and a couple of hours in Photoshop!

Friends will always be there for you.

Mom decided to add some decor:

This is what it looks like:

Holiday mood

“The Instagram version of me and the real me.”

Instagram vs reality:

Beautiful pictures demand sacrifices.

Looks a bit creepy in reality...

When your girlfriend asks you to take a cool pic:

When a photographer’s work is a workout routine:

When you have a book blog:

One who doesn’t take a risk gets no likes.

A brief course on how to take a picture of your hands and your meal:

When your friends and Photoshop can create a “wow” effect:

Of course, there are even more photos revealing the truth about the selfie world. That’s why you just have to share your own pics with us! Let’s prove that photos on social networks aren’t ideal.

Preview photo credit powerapple