25 Things From the ’90s That Every Girl Dreamed Of

Oh, the ’90s. It was a crazy, colorful time when we all expressed our individuality. Everyone was trying to show who they really were.

We at WeGoRo have remembered 25 things that all girls dreamed of owning in the ’90s. Which of them did you have?

Snap-on hairpins

Earring stickers

Springs for your hair

Fluffy hair ties

"Och!" deodorant

A rainbow scrunchie

A shortened tube top

A "best friends" pendant

A scrunchie with wooden beads


A choker necklace

Titanic top

Bell-bottom jeans

Posters on your bedroom wall

A butterfly-on-a-spring hairpin

A fluffy top

Platform shoes

A butterfly hairclip

Edible bracelets

A set of colored gel pens

A multicolor pen

A slinky

A Barbie doll

A dollhouse for Barbie

A Tamagotchi

Preview photo credit nostalgia90.diary.ru, instagram.com