24 Hilarious Pieces of Evidence Showing That a Mom’s Ingenuity Knows No Bounds

It’s not easy to be a mother. When a woman acquires this proud title, she gains a thousand new skills and starts seeing life in a different way.

WeGoRo has collected undeniable pieces of evidence that moms are a very special category of people who are endowed with remarkable wit and imagination.

24. "I told my mother that I would watch the Super Bowl at home with my friends. She prepared."

23. "My sister lost her phone at a bar again. Here’s what my mom prepared for her to replace it."

22. My mom put a Christmas tree up for the spider who settled on the ceiling of her bedroom. Because everyone deserves a Christmas.

21. A new level of inventiveness!

20. Here’s this year’s Christmas sweater from my mom:

19. Mom put the cat "in prison" while the house was being painted.

18. The lengths you have to go to in order to feed the children: mashed potatoes and meatloaf.

17. When you are an adult but your mother perseveres in her attempts to accustom you to a healthy diet.

16. "I told my mother I was unwell. An hour later she was at my house with this." Mommy always knows what you need.

15. My mom’s device for unmatched socks:

14. "I’m staying at my parents’ place for the night. My mom prepared the couch for me. I’m 27."

13. "I gave Dad a Yoda ornament last year. Here’s where Mom put it."

12. "My mom gave me a handmade bookmark. Yes, that is my mother."

11. I am lucky to have a mother. Otherwise, I would be so dirty.

10. Mom is artistic when it comes to decorating birthday cakes.

9. "Mom made sure that my cat and I would both be elegant for my birthday."

8. "My mom feeds this squirrel by hand every day."

7. "I asked my mom for new pillows for my couch. So here is one of my dog."

6. Mom’s care is enough for everyone.

5. "No, Mom, this actually isn’t what a couch is used for."

4. "There was a bedroom scene on-screen. Mom took action. I’m 22."

3. "We have been putting this Chewbacca in the Christmas tree for ages, and I never really knew why... I just found out that my mom thinks he is a gingerbread man."

2. Mother’s Christmas gift. Who cares that he’s almost 40? He’s still "her baby."

1. Mom’s kitchen games

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