23 Tricks to Beat Professional Photographers at Their Art

There are certain tricks that can turn a very ordinary image into a masterpiece without any expensive professional equipment.

Photography is not just about capturing an image — it’s an art. In fact, it is more than just art because it is relevant to every one of us, connecting friends, families, and memories. Although it is impossible to replace the work of a professional, there are some tricks that can help you get very close to it, and WeGoRo wants to show you some of them. Let’s get creative and amaze our friends!

1. Lights

Lights can turn a very ordinary image into something absolutely surreal.

You can use almost any sort of lights.

Christmas lights are perfect for creating something special.

2. Sparklers

Sparklers are another way to create an unreal effect.

3. Shadow

Cardboard, scissors, and imagination — that’s all you need to create something very different.

4. Smoke

You will need incense sticks, a lighter, black paper, and a lamp. Place the incense stick in front of the paper, and position the lamp so that the light is pointing right on the tip of the stick. You can get even more interesting results with a flash and colored filters.

5. Glass tank

Use a fish tank to get underwater images.

6. A ball with water splash

Black paper, a flashlight, a tripod, an assistant, and lots of patience are all you need to create this amazing photo. Apart from the camera, of course.

7. Colors

M&M’s and drops of water on glass will definitely add some colors to your pics.

8. Bokeh effect

You can get different bokeh effects by cutting a small hole in any shape and covering the camera with it.

9. Highlights

An old CD will add some highlights to a photo.

10. Softbox effect

Most professional photographers use softboxes, especially for portrait photography. Using a plastic bag can be a cheap alternative.

11. Soft effect

Use a window to create a softening effect.

12. The best selfie

A hair dryer is the simplest solution to add some movement to a picture.

13. Hazy effect

Just use a torn piece of cloth to achieve this result.

14. Blurry effect

You can use a few things to get this effect, and a glass jar is one of them.

15. Blurry and colorful

You can add colors to the blurry effect with colorful plastic bags.

16. Soft and colorful

All you need for this is a piece of soft wool.

17. Snow

With toy cars and icing sugar, you will have winter on your desk!

18. Manipulate visual perception

This is a simple trick for a sci-fi image.

19. Perfect place

Sometimes the model or the photographer has to get into an uncomfortable place or position for the perfect shot. But it is totally worth it.

20. Combining a few photos

It is easier than it may seem. It just requires some patience and imagination. Take a few photos, and then combine them using Paint or Photoshop.

21. Soft background

A cloth and a box will help to create a picture with a smooth and even background.

Get creative, and add some life to your photos!

22. From above

If you need a photo from above, the easiest way is to attach the camera to the ceiling and use the timer.

23. Shadow effect

A strainer is all you need to get this amazing photo. You might have to search for the perfect light to get a strong and sharp shadow effect.

As you can see, you don’t always have to buy fancy expensive equipment to get interesting pictures. If you have imagination and creativity, the sky is the limit! Do you use any tricks that we didn’t mention? Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Christina Key