23 Hilarious Newspaper Edits Worthy of Making Headlines

Lots of people start their mornings with a coffee and a newspaper. Well, if you opened one of these newspapers in the morning, you’d definitely choke on your coffee!

The written word had fascinated people for the longest time, and through all the developments in media, newspapers are still invaluable. Yet there are some headlines that either carry irony or a lack of common sense that you might find hilarious. So join us at WeGoRo as we share some of them!

What a power move!

If life gives you fruit...

That must be some inheritance.

No wonder he seems a little down.

It looks like the paper stack is yelling.

Oh, sweet irony...

What are you hinting at?

Interesting name...is it Polish?

I don’t think there are enough...words?

Fair and square!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Well, that’s some idea...

He stops at nothing. Not even common sense.

Pride of the South, eh?

The worry shows.

Lack of imagination. That’s what it is.

She knows something!

We always saw something behind those masks!

We call it “determination.”

They couldn’t be happier about it.

Oh, the times before Photoshop. How simple you were...

That’s unfortunate ad placement. Fighting fit, you say?

Which one is your favorite? Be sure to share your opinion as well as your own findings in the comments!

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