22 Kitchen Fails That Are Hilarious and Terrifying at the Same Time

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Memories of fresh baked cookies, meals cooked together with your partner, breakfast and dinner with your loved ones are all examples of why we have such a soft spot for this particular room.

The kitchen is also the place to go for some of the greatest fun.

WeGoRo collected some of the most hilarious kitchen fails that not only made the world laugh, but also made everybody feel better about his or her cooking skills! And at the end, you’ll get to see how to apply what you learned in college in the kitchen.

22. Because a smiley will make it better, right?

If this was your husband, would you laugh or cry?

21. What a creative way to cut calories!

A tray? What’s that?

20. I swear it’s not what it looks like!

Because it looks like SpongeBob has risen from the dead.

19. Somebody is way too into Sci-Fi...

What was the dinner supposed to be?

18. When he invites people I don’t like, I bake these:

I hope it’s not too subtle.

17. Before and after Christmas dinner:

It’s as if the cookie knows that extra sugar helps deal with holiday stress!

16. Well, dinner is ready!

She was telling me she wants a new stove for weeks. A well-executed plan, you say? Jokes aside, this is what happens when the safety features on a pressure cooker fail, so choose wisely.

15. I know what you did last night.

Have a great day, honey...

14. One of the kids started crying when he saw this...

I guess he was just overjoyed at the thought of eating this beautiful cake.

13. Gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free bread:

The bread is done, the water soup is almost ready — time for dinner!

12. LA SA GAAA...Ooh la la!

Perhaps the lasagna felt offended?

11. I was just testing which I could trust: knife it is!

If you haven’t lived in a dorm, then you have no idea what real fun is.

10. This is not what I expected when I said I wanted extra foam:

It happens every single time! On a more serious note, learn what to avoid putting in your microwave.

9. My girlfriend asked me to renovate the kitchen.

It’s called art, and only true artists will be able to appreciate it.

8. Great, now this will haunt me in my dreams:

Did someone really think it would be cool to eat a baby meatloaf?

7. And they say people have nothing to do with global warming...

Common knowledge: a snowman will melt if the temperature rises.

6. Don’t roll your eyes at me, young man!

Honey, I think I’ll switch to a carb-free diet so you can stop baking...

5. Should I start working out?

It cuts like butter...unless the butter is frozen.

4. When you ask someone to peel half of the potatoes in the bag:

At least they won’t ever be asked to peel the potatoes again.

3. Thug life:

Kidding — it’s not a thug, it’s just a retired Smurf.

2. Rate my cutting skills:

I wonder if she will get mad? I mean, I cut the fish, right? So I shouldn’t have anything to worry about...right?

1. The dangers of cooking:

A literal approach to burning calories.

Bonus: College is a great place to learn culinary survival skills you wouldn’t learn elsewhere.

No skewers? No problem!

Have you ever struggled with cooking? Share your kitchen fails in the coments below.

Preview photo credit girlschannel, londonladse/Reddit