22 Girls Demonstrated the Essence of All Beautiful Photos on Social Networks

The time has arrived when it’s hard to surprise anyone with impeccable photos. That is why social networks are overflowing with a new trend: users are now sharing behind-the-scenes shots of how those perfect photos are done, and it seems they are ready to reveal all their secrets.

WeGoRo put together 22 examples to demonstrate the difference between the final result that we see online and reality. And reality seems to be slightly surprising.

22. Here’s everything we need to know about the right angle and lighting.

21. As above, with makeup added

20. Want a wow effect? Take off your glasses!

19. A slight forward bend can work miracles!

18. The same, but from a different angle

17. The right pose and Photoshop skills can make you the Queen of Instagram.

16. Angel vs demon, ice vs fire, loose hair vs hair up

15. Oh, my!

14. Remember: bust forward, butt back, head on one side

13. Teach me how to use a camera like this!

12. When I look in the mirror (left) vs when I take a selfie (right):

11. What did we say above about "butt back"? Here’s another example.

10. Yesss, filters!

9. Well, why not have some fun?

8. That’s why girls like their hair long...

7. I’m the best photographer of myself.


— How old are you?

— Somewhere between 20 and 50.

— What? Show me your photo.

5. Boobs? No, knees!

4. My brain refuses to believe it’s the same person.

3. When angles and bends don’t work, Photoshop is always here to help.

2. Maybe just a bit of editing?

1. We are sorry, guys! Life is full of tricks.

What do you think? Is it better to stay natural and imperfect or to use some of these tricks and win more attention? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Maria Lykova/vk