30 Elderly Couples Who Prove That Love Has No Age Limit

According to scientists, being happily in love has a profound effect on both physical and psychological health. Love can literally keep people young, and it’s not surprising that people who have lived and loved for a long time often say it only gets better with age.

We grow up, fall in love, and get married. Is that the happy ending? No! There’s so much more ahead! Old age can be considered the most important time, since it’s just the two of you together all the time.

Here at WeGoRo, we were really touched by some couples in their old age living every moment to the fullest, and we just couldn’t resist sharing their pictures with you.

30. Hold on tight, and I’ll show you the world!

29. I missed you!

28. No ifs, no butts!

27. Age is just a number!

26. Wit doesn’t depend on age!

25. Dare to bare?

24. My life, my rules

23. Just married!

22. When you have everything you need to be happy — each other!

21. “Sit with me, and I will tell you a story.”

20. Life is a dance.

19. This is why you marry your best friend.

18. Along with your age, your love grows too!

17. When you’re still each other’s best company

16. Why should the young have all the fun?!

15. When you managed to keep your inner child:

14. Sharing precious ice cream moments!

13. When some things just don’t change:

12. And looking forward to more!

11. We all wish to be this cool when we grow old.

10. Sometimes a kick in the butt works better than a pat on the back!

9. Just think of celebrating your 63rd wedding anniversary!

8. You now know what they mean when they say the young and the old are alike.

7. You drive me crazy!

6. Having the nerve to pose after an accident!

5. Why resist if it’s so much fun?!

4. No doubt about that!

3. They rock!

2. “Let me help you, my beautiful darling!”

1. When you want to melt into one person:

Bonus: A couple working as a team helping another person.

We think these photos are truly inspiring! Do you have your own stories to tell about older loving couples you know? Please share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit terex232/reddit