21 Photos You Need to Look at Twice to Understand

Daily objects that we see so often sometimes become really strange in photos, almost like an optical illusion. The more you look at them, the more you realize they look completely different from what you expected.

WeGoRo found 21 such photos. Beware: what you’ve seen cannot be unseen.

When you tell cucumbers they’ve been adopted...

Just 2 buildings hugging!

This charger and chair look like a new star was just born.

If you’re missing Sesame Street, it’s coming to see you!

I think it’s time I took my dog to the vet.

When you try VR for the first time and your friends are watching you.

That’s not a tap — that’s my face before I go to work.

These fruits look like green parrots.

That’s the squirrel from Ice Age!

Do you also see baby faces instead of knees?

Perfect runners

The belly of this guy is great at cosplaying the face of Woody Harrelson.

The traffic lights look straight into your soul. Eek.

And the sorting hat told me, "You will work as a road worker."

This cat wears a sword on its back.

The tree is tired, so it sat down to rest.

Raphael, is that you?

I found a stormtrooper in my sink.

Even the olive in this cocktail looks sick...better think twice!

Nothing special. Just Patrick Stewart lying down on the bed.

Bonus: A creative bird left its portrait.

The longest legs ever?

Preview photo credit Keepin It Karl