22 animals that you haven’t heard of before

22 animals that you haven’t heard of before

In the depths of the sea, the forests of Madagascar, and even the African savannas exist dozens of animals that look pretty exotic. These strange animals are a godsend for a photographer and a real puzzle for those who see the picture on the Net first: is it photoshopped or they really exist?

Nature created these bizarre animals, and they’re surely not a product of Photoshop or an artist’s imagination.

WeGoRo presents photos of 22 of the world’s most bizarre, but still quite real, animals. We’re ready to bet that you can’t imagine that they really exist.


Another name: red-lipped batfish. It’s a saltwater fish, but it can live in an aquarium with no problem.

The Panda Ant

Despite its name, this insect is actually a wasp.

Umbonia Spinosa

This bug uses its dorsal horn to cut shoots, and then it drinks their juice.

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

It makes a clicking noise, similar to a rattlesnake sound.

Mountain Goat

It seems to be even more surprised than the photographer.

Hummingbird Hawk-Moth

A butterfly from the hawk moth family.

Blue glaucus

One of the world’s most beautiful (and most poisonous) marine animals.

Harlequin Mantis Shrimp

This predator can strike you with its claws, which are as powerful as a bullet 22 caliber.

Patagonian Mara

Other names: Patagonian Hare or Patagonian Cavy.

Sunda Flying Lemur

Lives in the trees and never goes down voluntarily.

Kiwa Hirsuta

The fur on its claws is just thick, long setae (bristles).

Superb Bird-of-Paradise

During the mating dance, a male erects his breast shield and dances in front of a female.

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

A very recent type of moth.

Saiga Antelope

Unlike other antelopes, the saiga antelope has an excessively large nose that is able to move.

Atheris Hispida

This snake has unusually keeled scales that gives it a bristly appearance.

Blue Parrotfish

The family includes about 80 species, where all the fish are bright-colored and beautiful.


Also known as a whalehead.


Despite the fact that the okapi resembles a horse in stature and markings, they belong to the Giraffidae family.


Narwhals only have two upper teeth, and the male’s left one develops into a large 3-meter tusk.

Thorny dragon

Another name: Moloch. The lizard was named after an ancient Eastern deity. In the legend, Moloch demanded human sacrifices.

And these are just some fluffy cows because they’re incredibly cute.

Fluffy cows should produce condensed milk.