20 Amazing Photos from the Past That You Will Never Forget

20 Amazing Photos from the Past That You Will Never Forget

We here at WeGoRo have collected some amazing photos from the past that will show you our world the way you’ve never seen before.

An award ceremony in Toronto was so boring that one of its participants decided to liven it up a little.

Execution of a German Communist in Munich, 1919 .

Out you go!

There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his best friend...

Hoping to shame the overweight orangutan into restricting how much he eats, Bill Pecket, a monkey keeper at London Zoo, shows ’Mr. Jiggs’ that his waist measures 47 inches (119 centimeters).

A caring crow.

A guardsman helps to demonstrate that even if he falls over, British soldiers are far too disciplined to step out of line!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art appears to have something more interesting than just contemporary art.

If you’re very thirsty, almost anything will do the job of a cup...

Jen Shleter was jealous of Ricky Lofa going near any other lady — even if that lady happens to be the bride!

A cleaning woman can’t resist dancing at the disco in London.

A winking Seal at Copenhagen Zoo.

Everyone feels tired once in a while...

At her high school prom, Suzie Spear from La Porte, Indiana, ’’whispers’’ something to her partner.

At the opening of a new Robert Hall store in Memphis, a size 39 jacket tries to sell itself.

Kathy obeys the law on wearing helmets for motorcyclists while riding together with Franklin Driscoll in Hawaii.

A hat made from a sousaphone. Unexpectedly stylish!

A horse having a lunch together with his owner.

Toggle, who is not in fact a student at this Champaign school in Illinois, takes part in the students’ race.

Don’t worry, everything’s under control.

Life is beautiful, smile more often!

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