20 People Who Took on the Weather and Totally Nailed It

It’s almost impossible to find a place where the weather is the way you like it and just perfect all year around. We’ve all experienced days when we felt too hot or too cold. Some prefer to endure it, and some choose to embrace it or fight it in the most hilarious way.

WeGoRo found photos showing people picking a fight with the weather and totally nailing it, proving along the way that human creativity knows no bounds. Which one of these deserves to be named the winner of the weather battle?

20. What a subtle way to send a message...

19. When it’s just a little too cold to wear nothing at all:

18. With a DIY swimming pool, the crucial element for success is the DIY drink.

17. Cookies: “We’re baking in here!”

16. And it was love at first sight!

15. Don’t want to leave your room with AC? Just bring it with you!

14. Human creativity knows no shape.

13. You know it’s scorching hot outside if your mom takes the oven mitts with her...

12. Hiking? I’ll bring my AC!

11. A professional right there!

10. Finally! The proper use of a tractor has been found.

9. Siesta time, amigos!

8. A whole queue of shady people

7. No shade? Create it!

6. You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh!

5. Good old Marilyn is always there for you. Well, at least her dress is!

4. Crashing on the couch...which crashed onto the beach?

3. When you ask your husband to warm up the car:

2. When keeping it wool goes wrong...

1. The best Pimp My Ride idea!

Which one of these did you like the most? Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Share your answers in the comments below.