20 Hilarious Photos Showing How Hard It Is to Be a Kid

20 Hilarious Photos Showing How Hard It Is to Be a Kid

When you’re only five years old, you need a lot of strength to make sense of and accept the confusing world around you. Why does everything go wrong, and why do your foolish parents let it happen?

WeGoRo has put together a selection of situations that upset children more than anything else and found that more often than not the cause of their woes was their very own parents.

Mom banned her from using this finger to point at people.

His stupid parents can’t stick the bread back together.

She put her sneakers on the correct feet, but it "seemed" to her legs that everything was the wrong way round.

She wanted her nails painted, and they were. But she wasn’t happy.

Her mom found a gray hair on her own head, which means she’s getting old and will soon die and leave her.

There isn’t any candy left in the bag...because she already ate all of it.

Because he’s not allowed to eat the batteries from the TV remote.

Mom bought identical pajamas for her and her favorite doll.

She wasn’t allowed to eat more mud.

Mom revealed that her favorite soup is made from pumpkin, which she hates.

She wanted to dance with her favorite trolls from the Trolls movie, but dad couldn’t put her inside the TV.

Mom wouldn’t let her stick her hand in the 200-degree oven.

He wanted to be Wolverine, but his mom clipped his nails.

Mom wouldn’t let her finish eating the eye shadow because she’s mean.

He realized it was grandpa’s birthday rather than his.

She wanted to make a black face mask just like mom but decided to use waterproof mascara.

Because she’s not allowed to mash her ice cream into the sofa.

Because the Easter Bunny brought chocolate instead of colored eggs.

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