21 Сool DIY Сountry House Furniture Ideas

A country house is the perfect place for hot summer days. Here we can finally hide from the city noise and routine, enjoy a deck chair outside, put up a hammock, and simply have a rest among friends or family.

You can create your very own piece of paradise by yourself, using leftover materials. WeGoRo has collected 20 cool ideas for country house furniture which you can make with your own hands. You’ll have everything you need!

A coffee table made from worn-out tires looks pretty nice. And here’s the tutorial.

If a frame is all that’s left of your chair, you can give it a new life using cords. Sounds perfect for a country house, doesn’t it? A step-by-step instruction lies here.

Step 1: Set up a porch. Step 2: Make a hammock. Step 3: Never leave this quiet and cozy place. See the tutorial.

To find out how to make these toadstools for your garden, click here.

A table with a built-in beer cooler is a perfect idea for those who like to spend time with friends at their country house. Click here to see the details.

If you have some old plastic chairs, you can revive them with spray paint. Choose any colors you like. The brighter your chairs are, the more like summertime it will feel!

Here’s an idea for a gorgeous pallet set.

Another thing you can make out of pallets is this nice sofa.

Wow, just take a look! Guess we need more pallets. See the tutorial.

This portable chair made from old fruit boxes is perfect for a picnic. The instructions are waiting for you.

If you have an empty corner, you can place this DIY bed here.

Here’s a log lounger for you. Isn’t it perfect?

A pallet table with a flower bed right in the middle. Tutorial.

A terra cotta coffee table made from two flower pots. See the tutorial.

A bright kid’s table with animals. See the step-by-step instruction.

We doubt that it’s comfortable, but this armchair looks pretty much like a decoration from the ’Game of Thrones’ set. See the tutorial if you like it.

You can make an Indian teepee from an old trampoline.

And if you have an old barrel, it’s high time you used it to make another coffee table.

This tree bench will be a great place for your family (and even for your cats).

A new life for an old door — a comfortable swing.

Simple LED lights can make your decor absolutely magical. If you want to go even further, create a wall feature of a fairy-tale creature — a unicorn horn or a mermaid tail.

Preview photo credit MerNation, tumblr