20 Badass People Who Won the Battle Against Boring Presentations

For some people, speaking in front of large groups comes naturally. For others, however, public speaking is a personal form of hell.

We at WeGoRo decided to help those who have some of the side effects of public speaking — an elevated heartbeat, sweaty palms, or a dry mouth. We made a list of people who brought presentations to a whole new level. Take a look!

1. If you missed your Hogwarts acceptance letter, this chemistry teacher can tutor you.

2. The best teachers are the ones who make you laugh.

3. My teacher promised that if the whole class got an A on the test, he’d wear a Scooby-Doo costume and bring champagne for the kids. The class did their best, and he came dressed as promised.

4. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela...or Morgan Freeman?

5. The first rule when you are at school: if you don’t have a sense of humor, don’t become a teacher.

6. Sympathy is always worth a shot. So just give this poor soul a B.

7. Just because your teacher might be old enough to be your parent doesn’t mean they don’t keep up with pop culture.

8. When a teacher wants to increase their students’ interest in a subject:

9. Step 1: Say goodbye to your loved ones. Step 2: Grab those metal mesh gloves used to feed sharks. Step 3: Pray!

10. More proof that spicing up your wardrobe is the key to making students fall in love with anything you say.

11. We bet lots of girls are waiting for 2033 so they can travel there!

12. Philosophers do it deeper.

13. In case you were wondering...

14. Times are changing.

15. Teachers always know how to put history into perspective.

16. These 3 teachers always come up with something new for their yearbook pictures.

17. This PowerPoint slide really gets to the point.

18. Who said geometry has no funny side?

19. Any student who believes they know every joke in the book should remember that their teacher probably helped to write it.

20. Whoever said you can’t learn anything from Star Wars never met this teacher. This homework is so cool!

Bonus: When you’re awkwardly looking for the PowerPoint file which you know definitely does exist:

Did you have cool teachers who gave wonderful presentations? Or maybe you created some amazing performances yourself? Let us know in the comments below!