20 Absurd Things That Were Absolutely Normal in the Past

The relatively recent past holds so many interesting things that we’ve never heard of and even struggle to imagine. While some of these things seem strange and absurd to us, they were absolutely normal and quite common during that time. As we look through these pictures, we can only guess what’s going to make our own descendants smile one day.

WeGoRo gathered some photos depicting daily activities and things that were really ordinary in the past, despite how strange they may seem to us today.

Beauty contest in Cliftonville, 1936

Suntan vending machine, USA, 1949

Water massager for breasts, 1930

A popular method of hair straightening in the 1960s

Customers have their legs painted at a store in London, so they can save their coupons which would otherwise be used for stockings, 1941

Resume, USA, 1931

Toothache remedy with cocaine, 1885

Julie Desmond, a 24-year-old model, climbs out of the back of a Russian Moskvich 427 car, at a car trade show, 1971

A mobile church based on Ford T with a priest-driver, USA, 1922

Specially numbered gloves used to teach touch typing, USA, 1961

A woman in a giant frying pan with bacon tied to her feet before 7,200 eggs are added to a record-breaking omelet, USA, 1931

Before the era of online games and computers, children’s entertainment in Great Britain, 1973

The automaton Euphonia that can imitate human speech, 1860s

Kids and cigarettes in ads from the 1960s. What could be better?

A child’s car seat from the 1940s

“The Ghost Team”

Argentina’s football team was scheduled to play against Bolivia on September 23, 1973. The team was divided into 2 groups. One group traveled to Tilcara at 2,500 m above sea level to get used to the conditions. But the Argentina FA “forgot” about the team and the team never received the first payment for funds for supplies, the hotel, and food. No one could acquire information about the squad during their stay in Tilcara. That’s why they were called “The Ghost Team.”

Our world 105 years ago. Before a vaccine against diphtheria was invented.

A sign on the left: “In memory of L. H. Larssen and his wife Emilie’s 5 children who died of diphtheria in 1903.”

A picture from Popular Science depicting the workers at Walt Disney Studios building an automated caveman for the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

Just an ordinary day for a babysitter of that time, 19th century

Bonus: Similar things sometimes happen nowadays as well.

A picture from a modern mental asylum in Sierra Leone, Africa, during the 21st century. There are lots of boys who suffer from serious mental diseases caused by years of civil wars.

Which things from the past can you remember? Share with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit leieordem.com.br, modernmechanix.com