16 Times When Online Shopping Turned Out to Be Too Cruel

Some prefer online shopping for its convenience and stress-free factor. Others prefer in-store shopping for its safety and guarantee of quality. And there is a special group of people who know from personal experience that online shopping can be brutally hilarious.

WeGoRo gathered the best examples of when online purchases turned out to be too cruel. Have you ever bought any of these?

16. What you see is what you get...literally!

15. It’s all a matter of perception!

14. Complaints? Our work is created by artists! And artists never create the same work twice!

13. A bit of imagination and your order is 100% correct!

12. Ordered: hiking boots

Got: high heels

11. Looks like they sent the ugly sister version instead!

10. See, hair loss CAN ruin lives.

9. We specifically mentioned in the title: BOYS arm chair.

8. To be fair, nobody should be buying this anyway.

7. We’re just taking care of your waistline: a smaller size = less food.

6. Promo of the month: Order a blue ukelele and get a crossbow instead!

5. Watch where you’re puttin’ them mittens!

4. Oops, we just forgot the belt. But the rest is perfect, right?

3. The journey was too long. He just lost a bit of weight.

2. You just need to put on a few pounds, and then it will look stunning on you!

1. At least my cat got a backpack!

Has your online purchase ever differed from what you ordered? Share your photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Unknown/Imgur