16 Pictures of People Who Are Happy to Live Alone

For some reason, many people think that living alone means living an unhappy life. But they forget about the fact that only when we are alone can we be really sincere and enjoy the pleasures of living an independent life.

WeGoRo collected 16 works from the wonderful artist Yaoyao Ma Van As. They show the best parts of living alone.

You can let your pets have fun and throw yourself into work.

You can lie around in bed during the day...just to dream a little.

Spend some time doing something fun in the fall.

Decorate the apartment with your favorite flowers.

Spend a lot of time browsing bookshelves.

Walk in the rain.

Make a feast without being shy of your appetite.

Enjoy the morning sun and a cup of strong tea.

Enjoy long walks in autumn.

Discover new things about yourself.

Get ready for as long as you need to without rushing anywhere.

Spend hours in the bathroom forgetting all the bad stuff that happened during the day.

Don’t hold your emotions in — cry when watching a sad movie or listening to a sad song.

Spend a day sorting your winter clothes...

... to be ready to meet the best season of the year.

And just be yourself.

Do you agree that living alone can be a lot of fun? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Yaoyao Ma Van As