15 Weird But Perfectly Useful Gadgets to Make Traveling a Piece of Cake

A lot of people travel to learn something new, discover different cultures and people, or just to open their minds. But most of us travel for a change of scenery, a break from our daily routine, and to relax.

However, if we want to rest well, we need to feel comfortable. That’s why we at WeGoRo made a list of the top travel gadgets to let you fully enjoy your vacation.

1. Head support

This device looks like a collar for a neck injury, but, in fact, it’s just a head holder for sleeping comfortably during travel. It prevents your neck from getting numb, and, if you sleep with this gadget on, you won’t have any problems with your spine after your trip.

2. Air-conditioned shirt

This shirt will probably be popular with office workers who sit all day in front of a computer in a small and stuffy room. A special ventilation hole in this shirt will let in the air, which will circulate around your body under the shirt and prevent you from sweating. With this, you will always feel fresh and comfortable.

3. Sandals with a metal-detecting device

If you’ve always dreamed of being a gold digger and finding treasure but you’re too shy to walk around with a metal detector, then these sandals are just the thing for you! When there’s treasure beneath them, you’ll feel them vibrating. It’s a cool way to look for gold deposits without attracting too much attention. But maybe you should hide the battery affixed to your leg under your pants to make them look like simple sandals. Otherwise, this construction might look a bit weird.

4. Rolling suitcase

This is an amazing hybrid of a scooter and a suitcase. If your baggage is too heavy to carry in your arms, you can roll it like a scooter. You’ll have a lot of fun, you’ll have your hands free, and you won’t get tired from carrying all your stuff.

5. Pillow hat

A pillow hat is the best thing to buy if you travel by train, especially if you have to sleep while sitting. It’ll be very comfortable to fall asleep with this pillow on. Just make sure you don’t miss your station!

6. Beardski

Wearing this fake beard is a funny and pretty stylish way to not get cold skiing or snowboarding in the mountains. This beard gadget is made of fleece and vented neoprene. It’s water resistant and easy to wash. So if you’re a lover of spending your vacations at ski resorts, this beard will help you stay warm and be simply the coolest rider. Or, if you’re a hipster and your beard is not growing but you really want one, buy it and wear it all day long, wherever you want!

7. Banana guard

Banana lovers, hold your breath — here is a special banana holder for you! If you can’t imagine your life without a banana and you’re tired of squashed or bruised bananas in your bags when you take them out for lunch, it means that this gadget was not made in vain. This case will save your banana until you take it out and prepare to have your lunch. Your banana will stay solid and fresh!

8. Sleeping bag onesie

This gadget is for those who are very sensitive to cold or simply love to sleep anywhere possible. A onesie sleeping bag is a very useful thing for camping. It’ll save space in your baggage (you won’t need to carry a sleeping bag because you just wear it), and it’ll warm you up in the cold forest at night.

9. Anti-mosquito socks

These socks are not just warm, soft, and adorned with funny prints. They are Care Plus socks, and this company makes products which help us to fight off insects, especially mosquitos and ticks. They produce socks for both adults and children. These socks are made of Coolmax and bamboo viscose, which protect your feet in different terrains and conditions. Your feet will stay warm, won’t sweat, and will be untouchable for annoying and dangerous insects.

10. Pee helper

This tool may seem weird, but who knows how your traveling will go? This tube is a gadget to help girls pee like boys (it helps girls to pee standing up). There can be different possible situations during your trip when you may need it. So if your vacation is going to be full of extremes, you should think about this.

11. Communication T-shirt

This T-shirt will save you from miscommunications with local people while traveling around the world. If you don’t speak English, or the person you want to talk to doesn’t either, and you just don’t have a common language, you can use this T-shirt to communicate. When you want to ask something, you can point to the symbol on your T-shirt that shows what you need, and the person to whom you are “speaking” will understand what you mean.

12. Pillow-boyfriend

This is a gadget for lonely people who are strong and independent but sometimes need some human warmth and affection. This boyfriend shoulder will make you feel safe, and, if you miss your real boyfriend, you can hug this pillow and sleep well imagining your love. It’s almost as if you are sleeping together, and there is no distance between the 2 of you.

13. Emergency charger

A very useful gadget nowadays when we have all our lives on our phones. If you’ve gotten into a bad situation where your phone battery is low, or if your phone is already off and there is no place to charge it, you should use this tool. You need to connect your phone to this gadget using your USB cable, and then simply twist the knob to charge your phone and be saved. But, of course, it’s mostly useful for emergency cases: one minute of twisting the knob gives your phone about 4 minutes of life to make a call or send a text.

14. Disposable toothbrushes

This is a hygienic gadget. When there’s no water around and you need to brush your teeth, use these disposable toothbrushes. Instead of water, you’ll have your saliva, so you just need to put the toothbrush into your mouth, brush your teeth with it, and throw it away. It will give you a minty taste, and your smile will be shiny and attractive.

15. NASA sleeping mask

NASA technologies were used in this night mask to regulate your sleep. This mask uses blue and red lights to combat insomnia and other problems with sleep. It blocks all ambient lights and uses 2 colors to create a comfortable atmosphere for your eyes, giving the illusion of sunset or sunrise to make you easily fall asleep or wake up. So if you’re a very sensitive person and it’s easy to disturb your sleep, you can use such a mask, especially if you’re going to travel somewhere and there’s a big time difference.

We hope you noted some cool things from this list that you’re going to take with you on your next trip. If you have your own weird but useful gadgets that you like to take every time you travel, share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit hammacher.com, beardski.com