15 Retro Fashion Trends That Should Never Return

Fashion can be very unpredictable and sometimes even crazy.

WeGoRo invites you to remember several ridiculous (or maybe even cool?) fashion trends of the past century. There’s also a great bonus at the end of the article. Check it out!

15. The "Speed-Limit" skirt, 1910s

At the start of the last century, skirts became very narrow, and elastic fabrics had not yet been invented. Fashionable outfits often tore while walking. To avoid this, ladies used special loops on the top of their skirts. They prevented them from making broad steps, making the gait appear lame.

14. The bullet bra, 1940-1950s

This is a funny but sexy trend. It is far from being an anatomically shaped bra, but an undeniable truth is that it could turn even a dull outfit into something erotic.

13. Beehive hairdo, 1960s

Everyone knows that an updo makes you look beautiful. But getting a sprayed beehive-like hairdo on your head can look comic rather than elegant.

12. Psychedelic patterns, 1960-1970s

This trend started in San Francisco, the mecca of the hippie culture in the United States. Both men and women chose bright shirts and dresses with some absolutely mind-blowing patterns!

11. Men’s fashion, 1970s

The crazy fashion choices of men in the 1970s deserve a separate article. Did they actually wear these clothes? Some men did. However, even now people don’t blindly follow fashion trends.

10. Mullet hair, 1970-1980s

The mullet hairstyle comes from the 19th century. American fishermen wore their hair long at the back and covered their necks so as not to catch a cold. Then the 1970s arrived, and the fashion trend returned unexpectedly. Even women wore this hairstyle.

9. Padded shoulders, 1980s

The effect of broad shoulders was achieved with the help of shoulder pads. Nowadays, these pads look very strange. Yet some celebrities make it their fashion choice — Lady Gaga is one of them.

8. Aerobics workout clothes, 1980s

The combo of leg warmers and sporty underwear now seems ridiculous, but all the female fitness gurus of the 1980s wore exactly that outfit! Even some men wore it. Remember Batman and Superman? They wore their underwear over their leotards!

7. Crazy teased hair, 1980s

The 1980s were a time when everyone loved to tease not only each other but also their hair! The perm first, then tons of hair spray over teased locks. Et voila!

6. Bright blushes, 1980s

Bright blushes come back into trend from time to time. Yet not all women nowadays can leave the house looking like Demi Moore from the 1980s!

5. The fanny pack, 1990s

This was a very practical accessory, but it is more suitable for street vendors and workers, who need to keep their money and tools at hand.

4. Crazy high platform shoes, 1990s

The 1990s saw another trend that made its way to the fashion magazines and then streets all over the world: high platform shoes. The platforms were so high that they even caused injuries! And not only women wore these shoes!

3. Low-rise jeans, 2000s

Women and men still wear low-rise jeans now. But at least they cover all the intimate zones and do not expose their underwear to the public (or a lack of such).

2. Fake tan, 2000s

The 2000s brought one of the strangest beauty trends of all time: fake tan. Some of us look back at photos from that time and do a facepalm. But some people (the president of a well-known country) still prefer a carrot-colored tan even now.

1. Harem pants, 2010s

Just like the speed-limit skirt, harem pants made it really difficult to run away. But real ladies are not supposed to run anyway, are they?

Bonus: we will just leave this here.

Preview photo credit listal.com, Wikimedia Commons