15 of the most astonishing inventions of 2016

Not a day passes without something new and amazing being invented. It seems that only yesterday all these fascinating things were just the imaginings of sci-fi novelists, yet here they are today being used by common people.

Inspired by this, we at WeGoRo present 15 of the most fantastic inventions of the year.

The flying bonsai

Ordinary flowerpots? That’s obsolete — pots should be flying! With this motto, Hoshinchu invented levitating plants that will bring a bit of the future into every home.

The sky inside an airplane

Flying by airplane is sometimes boring, especially if the flight is long. BOEING has taken note of this and decided to issue airplanes that have screens on their floors and ceilings which will allow projections of night skies or clouds on them. The only thing that comes to your mind when entering such a plane is ’Whoa!’

Portable paper recycling machine

Paper recycling is very time- and effort-consuming. EPSON, a Japanese company, has resolved to find a solution to this problem. They came up with a small device that recycles paper in a matter of hours, while not using even a drop of water. Every office should be equipped with such a machine.

Emergency body frame for an airplane

Flight safety is the first priority for travelers, so scientists are constantly working on new and improved safety systems that will make flights comfortable and safe. Vladimir Tatarenko, a Ukrainian engineer, has devised a system that detaches the passenger compartment from the plane in case of emergency and ensures its gentle landing on any surface.

A tablet PC for the blind

This tablet PC will allow blind people to read tens of thousands of books. There are numerous tiny sensors inside it that turn into prominent dots and form letters.

Live comic books

Art has been touched by progress too. boomcore, an art platform, has released the first ever live comic books. Just open a page, look at it through a tablet PC camera, and the characters start moving around, talking and in full color. Comics have never been so engaging!

A store for drivers

Dahir Insaat is currently building the first ever supermarket for drivers — Drive Market. You will be able to make all your purchases without even getting out of your car and do it in no time at all. I wonder if you can walk in there?

The incredibly slim flexible screen

TV manufacturers have reached the maximum thinness for screens, it seems. Now you can just roll up your TV and take it with you.

The tree-carrying machine

This machine, under the name of Dutchman, can carry whole trees in a very short time by ’pincering’ them. The trees are unharmed this way, and they can be moved to another place easily.

The sea cleaner

One day, the guys from The Seabin Project thought they should take care of ecology and invented a device that cleans water from garbage. It’s incredibly simple, yet really useful. How come nobody thought about it before?

A holographic teleport

Researchers from Microsoft have come up with a device that is similar to those you know well from sci-fi movies. Even if a person you’re talking to is very far away, you can send your holographic image to talk to or even interact with them.

A nail printer

If you want to draw new and cool patterns on your nails every day, then this one’s for you! Just upload any image from your smartphone to nailbot, and it will print it on your nails. You can even create your own unique images this way.

The hoverboard platform

We covered the topic of the hoverboard from Back to the Future some time ago, and since then it’s been improved: the board itself seemed insufficient, and engineers have invented ArcaBord — a whole platform over which you can float.

Magic Leap giant holograms

What can be more unusual than a huge whale right inside your school gym? Magic Leap can create not only giant sea beasts, but also dragons, little pink elephants, and even whole worlds.

A fire-extinguisher bomb

And finally, a thing that should be present in every car trunk and home — a small bomb that can extinguish a big fire and save lots of lives.

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