15 Historical Photos Showing the Exciting Side of the Past

Like a time machine, old photographs transport us through the decades and plunge us into the atmosphere of bygone days. The people captured in the pictures may seem terribly remote, but, in reality, they experienced the same simple human emotions as all of us.

WeGoRo has collected 15 incredibly emotional historical pictures that will leave no one unmoved.

Toddlers looking like little penguins walking in the frost, Russia, 1968

A bar in Paris, 1960s

Young couples dancing, circa 1950

A girl went to school in a miniskirt, 1960s

A kid’s reaction when he meets French wrestler André the Giant, 1970s

A soldier comes home from war, 1940s

This is what happiness looks like! 1969

Men celebrating the end of prohibition, USA, 1933

Windy weather, 1940s

A pretty woman turns heads, 1950

High school students flirt between classes, USA, 1955

A goodbye kiss, 1960s

Judging the fashion, Spain, 1965

A night hug, 1934

Cooling off in the summer heat, USA, 1943

Bonus: The ’90s are already history too! And here’s a photo to prove it. The kid in it is really cool.

Which picture impressed you the most? Do you have your own treasured moments of the past captured in photographs? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit Lost in History / Instagram