15 hilarious gems from children who seem to know everything about life

It is said that truth flows from the mouths of babes. Indeed, little children sometimes say unexpected things with such seriousness that you’d think they know life better than any grown-ups.

In this article, WeGoRo presents you with a collection of inimitable examples of children’s wisdom that are truly impossible to argue with!

  • A conversation between a mother and her 4-year-old-daughter:
    — Mom, let’s play Disney fairy tales! You know, you really look like someone from those cartoons!
    — Wow! Let’s do it! So who would I be?!
    — Ok, you can be the Beast out of Beauty and the Beast.
    — ....
    — Or the Sea Witch out of The Little Mermaid.
  • Five-year-old Josh appears behind his father’s back and says quietly:
    — Dad, I want to tell you a secret!
    — Go ahead, son!
    The boy covers his dad’s face with his hands and whispers:
    — I’ve just done a number two and didn’t wash my hands!
  • Noticing that his son has fallen asleep on the sofa, dad decides to carry him over to the bed.
    As he is picked up carefully, the boy mutters in his sleep:
    — Put me right back where you found me!
  • My three-year-old daughter Anne is sitting on the living room floor, holding a toy stethoscope.
    — Anne, what are you doing?
    — I’m fishing!
    — But, darling, this isn’t a fishing rod! This thing is what doctors use to examine their patients!
    — All right, then. I’m a doctor! What seems to be the problem?
    — Oh, I’ve got a sore throat. Can you help me?
    — No, I can’t.
    — Why not?!
    — Because I’m fishing right now...
  • A kindergarten teacher asks a three-year-old:
    — Why do you keep behaving badly?!
    — We geniuses are always difficult to understand.
  • — You’re grounded, young man!
    — Dad, quit saying such words to me. I’m actually beginning to get nervous...
  • A conversation between a father and his seven-year-old son:
    — Are you planning on studying at all?
    — Yeah... I have something like that in mind.
  • Danny (a nine-year-old) shouts from the bathroom:
    — Attention to everyone who hears me and is able to help: I’ve run out of toilet paper!
  • A little boy sends a text to his mother from school:
    1: Mommy, you’re the best mommy in the world!
    2: Mom, I love you so much!
    3: Mom, I failed that math test.