15 Frames in Which Disney Shows Us More Than We See

Each new cartoon released by Walt Disney Studios is guaranteed to contain a huge number of various allusions, cameos, and "nods" to other movies. But sometimes they are so well hidden that, even after multiple re-watches, you might still remain ignorant of their presence.

We at WeGoRo adore such secrets and how elegantly they’re incorporated into the story. And what about you? Have you ever paid attention to any of the following 15 Disney movie frames?

Moana, 2016

At the very beginning of the cartoon, we see Moana as a little kid taking care of a baby turtle by shading it from the sun with a leaf and helping it to get to the ocean. An identical scene can be found in a very different animated film: Lilo and Stitch.

In the scene where Maui has difficulties taking control of the magic hook and randomly turns into different animals, for a second he becomes Sven, the reindeer from Frozen.

As we see Moana and Maui come across the pirates of the Kakamora tribe, one of the pirates differs in appearance from his brothers in arms. Surely, his face belongs to another cartoon, Big Hero 6 — he looks just like the robot Baymax!

Frozen, 2013

Baymax has made cameos in other Disney cartoons as well. In Frozen, he is disguised as one of the snowmen trying to steal treats from the table.

The pile of sweets on the table beside Anna looks very much like the scenery in one of the games shown in Wreck-It Ralph — a cartoon that came out a year before Frozen.

Zootopia, 2016

One of the favorite pastimes of avid Disney fans is to look for references to Mickey Mouse (his appearance, likeness, or some subtle hint of his presence) in each new cartoon released by the studio. Zootopia was no exception: the ingenious manner in which Mickey was incorporated into the cartoon brought real delight to sharp-eyed moviegoers!

The miniature fox with whom Nick carries out his small-time scams is dressed in a baby elephant costume. Also, the owner of the shop in which the scene takes place is called Jumbo, Jr. — that was the real name of Dumbo, the flying elephant.

Disney cartoons are known not only for references to the studio’s earlier creations but for nods toward other movie classics as well. The obvious similarity between Zootopia’s mafia kingpin and Don Corleone is a good example of that.

Monsters, Inc., 2001

On the wall, just beyond one of the doors the monster Randall is about to jump through, one can see an all-too-recognizable Nemo figurine.

Ratatouille, 2007

This street mime is definitely worth keeping away from: if you look closely, you’ll notice that this is Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles — a villainous character in all respects!

And that’s not the only such reference in Ratatouille. We also see The Incredibles logo on Linguini’s boxers when he tries to hide Remy in his pants.

Toy Story, 1995, 1999, 2010

On the batteries which give energy to Buzz Lightyear one can clearly see the logo of the BnL Corporation — the same outfit that controls the world in Wall-E.

In one of the shots, Mr. Potato Head is looking at a book which features illustrations reminiscent of another computer animated cartoon: A Bug’s Life.

The Luxo Ball is an object that consistently appears in all the Disney/Pixar joint productions. Besides Toy Story, it can be seen in Inside Out, Monsters University, The Incredibles, and dozens of other cartoons.

Tangled, 2010

In their allusions, Disney cartoon makers try not to forget about the perennial classics. The Sleeping Beauty animated movie is more than half a century old, yet the ill-fated spinning wheel can still be seen peacefully gathering dust inside Rapunzel’s room.