15 brilliant ideas for giving new life to old furniture

15 brilliant ideas for giving new life to old furniture

Every one of us has those old pieces of ’memorabilia’ lying around the house — things we don’t really use anymore, but just can’t make ourselves part with them. We at WeGoRo sincerely believe that imagination — and good hands — can transform just about anything into a work of art, and would like to share several ideas with you that might help you find your own inspiration.

A romantic bench

If you have a couple of spare chairs, you can make a beautiful bench out of them, as shown here.

A cozy armchair

An old chest of drawers can be made into a wonderful place for reading.

A chest of drawers revived

Another chest of drawers, but this one has retained its function. It’s really easy to make this one — here’s the instructions.

A nest for your pet

Your little friend will surely love a cute house like this one.

A new life for your old table

Anyone can redesign an old and boring table to make it into something wonderful — and here’s the detailed guide.

Ragged made stylish

If you’re tired of your ancient chest of drawers, you can easily make it a modern and stylish-looking element of your home, as shown here.

A noble dressing table

A magnificent antique dressing table deserves both attention and admiration, and here you’ll find a guide on how to make sure it receives this.

Nothing’s impossible

A really old chest of drawers can be transformed into something completely new and different if you follow these guys’ example.

A favorite chest of drawers

Why buy something new and expensive when you can change a piece of furniture you already have? Especially when it can be done so easily.

An elegant table

A beautiful table like this will serve as a great decoration both inside and outside your house. Detailed instructions can be found here.

A functional wardrobe

Create a useful and elegant piece of furniture where once there was a cumbersome lump — all the instructions are attached here.

Refined beauty

The charm of your old chest of drawers will last for many more years if you put a bit of imagination into it. Want the details? Here they are.

An artistic table

An ordinary table can be transformed into a real piece of art if you follow the instructions found here.

A cupboard you’ll actually love

If you make your old cupboard look like this, you’ll spend a lot more time looking at it.

An old TV set

You won’t be able to watch anything on it, but nobody said you can’t put it to some other good use! Here are the instructions.

Preview photo credit addicted2decorating.com