15 brilliant ideas for gift packaging

15 brilliant ideas for gift packaging

It’s never too early to start preparing your gifts for your loved ones who don’t live close to you. We at WeGoRo are already doing that, and these are some ways of wrapping our presents that we like very much.

Christmas mail

A gift from Santa Claus himself — isn’t that just the thing that every kid and, let’s be honest, adult dreams about? A real one, with post stamps and white and red striped ribbon — just like in our favorite Christmas movies!

For travelers and dreamers

Anything will do here, from old children’s atlases to huge world maps. If the person you are sending this present to loves traveling, he or she will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Warm packaging

Don’t throw away your old knitted sweater — give it a second life like this. Such packaging is easy to master, yet the warmth and tenderness of it are incredible.


If you are tired of ordinary bow-knots, then pompoms are your choice — they are fluffy, warm, cute, and very simple to make.

Natural elements

You don’t have to go far for this one — just walk out into the nearest park or woods and you’ll see numerous pretty decorations for your gift package. Pick up some cones, twigs, or leaves, paint them the color you want, and decorate them with tiny pompoms.

Cloth packaging

A nice piece of cloth can become a beautiful package for your present. The best thing about it is that there are almost unlimited variations. The packing itself is easy:
1. Put a square piece of cloth face down and place your present in the center.
2. Tie two opposite corners together in a knot.
3. Tie the other two corners together the same way.
4. Make a second knot with the two original corners.
5. One final knot. Now you can add some decorations, and your gift package is ready to go!

This is how you can make a perfectly unique piece of packaging cloth — with whales, for example. They are super-cute!

Replacing boring ribbons

If you’d like to make something special, you can try sewing a decoration right on the paper. It’s a very pliable material, so you won’t have trouble doing that. There’s also another way — use paint, let it dry, and then write something on it with a piece of chalk. And if you have a sewing machine, then you’ll be able to make something like this:


This method won us over with its simplicity. All you need is just a pencil with a rubber eraser, some paint, and a sponge. A simple and cute polka dot pattern is always in trend.


A simple but very unusual way to decorate almost any package. We recommend to first make a stencil of thick paper, and then outline it on the packaging paper. Carve one half with a box cutter, and fold it outwards. The shape will be even prettier if you make a second layer underneath the upper one.

Hand-painted package

This one will let your imagination go far and wide. You decide whether there should be pastel watercolor abstractions or large dabs of paint — either way, the result will be fascinating and unique.

Paper boxes

Actually, schematics for paper boxes of any shape and kind can be found on the web, and in most cases, you can just print them out and draw them on a thicker paper without a hurry.

Salt dough tags

A simple recipe for salt dough can be found anywhere. This will help us not only in cooking, but in the tough yet pleasant business of packing presents. With the most ordinary cookie molds (you can even find Christmas ones now) and the simplest of materials, your pretty little gift tags are ready. The patterns can be anything you please. For example, dab a knitted napkin on the dough and you will get a beautiful abstract design.

Napkins and lacework

Napkins and lace ribbons are a really great material for art whatever the season, and if you prepare them for Christmas, they lift the warmth and coziness a lot. It’s a wonderful idea for decorating your presents.

Paint it all

It’s easy to make anything into a decoration if you have a spray can of paint, just don’t get too carried away. Any golden twigs, cones, leaves, or other natural objects will do.

Glue and sparkles

Some glue or double-sided tape and a handful of sparkles are all you need for limitless variations of packaging. In fact, it’s hard to stop yourself and not decorate more... and more...

We already know what we’ll be doing all weekend.