13 Scenes From Our Favorite Movies Parodied by Famous Cartoons

Some of our favorite animated movies are packed with parodies of different iconic films. In this article, WeGoRo has gathered together some of the funniest and most clever cartoon references to cinema classics.

Perhaps the Shrek movies rank first in the number of references and parodies of various fairy tales and Hollywood films. For example, the scene where Donkey gained the ability to fly after being sprinkled with fairy dust was taken from the classic cartoon about Peter Pan.

Lee Unkrich, one of the directors of Toy Story 3, often tweets about his passion for Stanley Kubrick and the movie The Shining which inspired him to pursue a career in filmmaking. That’s why, in his cartoon, he made several references to the iconic horror film.

One of them is that the carpet in Sid’s house has the exact same pattern as the carpet in the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.

In the last movie of the Ice Age franchise, Scrat’s epic pursuit of his elusive acorn catapults him directly into space.

This scene is a parody of several Hollywood blockbusters like Alien, Gravity, The Martian, Armageddon, and others. The authors of the film even used similar music for this sequence.

In Ratatouille, the rat named Remy breaks the window of the shop to get out. At this moment, the scene freezes and the voice-over introduces the main cartoon’s protagonist to the viewer.

This scene is borrowed from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, one of the most fascinating westerns ever made.

In Shrek 2, the sequence in which the cat bursts through the ogre’s shirt looks very similar to the famous chestburster scene in the sci-fi/horror film Alien. However, Shrek is much more fortunate than Alien’s heroes.

The shot of Elliot and the alien flying across the full moon has become iconic. Amblin Entertainment has even adopted it as their logo. Moreover, one can see a reference to this famous shot in the Cars animated movie.

The sequence where Frozone goes for a glass of water kept at gunpoint by a nervous rookie cop is a direct parody of a similar scene in Die Hard with a Vengeance in which Samuel L. Jackson’s character is going to make a call, being under the gun. By the way, in both films, the threatened character is played by Samuel L. Jackson.

In Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise performed all of his stunts himself. It’s no wonder that some scenes from this iconic action movie have become the most recognized in the history of cinema. The creators of Toy Story also couldn’t ignore this action thriller.

The Lost World, a 1925 silent film about dinosaurs adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, was a resounding success. Since its first release, the film spawned several remakes and clones. Even today one can find references to it in various cartoons and movies. For example, the main hero of Up dreams of traveling to Paradise Falls, a place which closely resembles a famous shot from the first movie of The Lost World franchise.

Do you remember that scary scene where the main antagonist of The Shining, Jack Torrance, breaks a hole in a bathroom door and says, “Here’s Johnny!“? The scene is similar to one in Finding Nemo where Bruce the shark screams, ”Here’s Brucey!!“

By the way, why does Jack Nicholson say “Here’s Johnny!” when his character’s name is Jack? It’s just a well-known phrase from the long-running late night television program The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

This cartoon features a lot of references to movies starring Johnny Depp. Do you remember the scene when the poor chameleon Rango lands smack on the windshield of the red convertible? The men in the car look just like the main heroes of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Moreover, the sequence in which Rango is carried away by wood lice resembles a similar scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Curiously, Rango, the main character of the cartoon, is voiced by Johnny Depp.

Perhaps even those who have never seen any of the Indiana Jones movies know the opening scene in which the main hero is running away from a giant rolling boulder. Toy Story’s authors made a clever parody of this sequence in their cartoon: they just replaced a deadly boulder with a huge globe.

In Shrek 2, during the wedding ring sequence, Fiona’s ring falls on her finger much like Frodo’s did in The Lord of the Rings. Moreover, the inscription on Fiona’s ring looks similar to that from the epic high-fantasy franchise.

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