13 Reasons Why I Refuse to See This World Without Love

People say that everything in this world is followed by this great feeling. It’s the only thing that can conquer any disease and stop the flow of time. And it’s not only desperate romantics and seasoned optimists who seem to be convinced of this.

WeGoRo collected irrefutable proof that true love really exists.

This is what people who have been in love with each other for 54 years look like.

One day I want to look as nice and happy as this wonderful couple.

It’s 1976, and my father falls in love at first sight with this beauty, who will later become my mother.

Recently, I got depressed. My husband seems to have found a cure for this disease...

My grandpa sent me this picture so I would know what a man who’s in love with a woman looks like. This is him and my grandma in the photo. They lived together for more than 60 years.

These two met when they were both 3 years old. Their friendship turned into love over the years.

During the war, my grandma sent this photo to the front for my grandpa. He sent her this in response.

He, she, and their beloved "Chevrolet 210."

Every day John teaches Linda the alphabet. She lost her memory, and now, thanks to her husband, she is learning to read again.

A boy sent a love message to my niece. It seems that many people could learn from this young gentleman.

This couple celebrates 66 years together.

He waits for his lady every day after her classes to hold the door open for her and walk her home.

After wrist surgery, it’s hard for my granny to do her hair. My grandfather became her personal stylist.

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