13 habits you must ditch to improve your image

Most of the time, when we look at ourselves in photos we see the results of conscious preparations. Everyone is anxious to look his or her best while facing the camera, so we try to straighten up, stop squinting, etc. However, when not being photographed we let various little bad habits get the best of us. If left unchecked, they can seriously spoil your appearance.

Today, WeGoRo wants to remind you of the 13 most common unpleasant habits that can make us look unattractive.

Hunching over

Biting your lips


Pulling faces

Sticking your nose up

Twirling your hair around your finger


Wringing your hands

Cracking your fingers


Plucking at your eyebrows

Raising your eyebrows

Slumping your head forward

You don’t need any of these unpleasant habits.
Just be yourself!

Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko, Model: Xenia Utochkina for BrightSide.me