13 Bizarre Fashion Trends That Are Best Left in the Past

2017 pleased us with dozens of crazy trends. Stylists and designers are always trying to create a new fashion that has never been seen before. But sometimes these efforts lead to strange results. Makeup artists can also create bizarre looks! And it would all be OK if all these crazy ideas didn’t go beyond photo shoots and Instagram. Some of them are really jaw-dropping!

WeGoRo has collected 13 bizarre fashion trends that should have been left in the past. At the end, you’ll find a bonus to prove that some fashion trends are hard to understand.

13. Extra nose hair

The ancient Greeks believed that an abundant growth of hair in the nose was associated with fertility and femininity. And today, girls all over the world post photos on Instagram that clearly show hair sticking out from their noses. It looks horrible, especially for those who are afraid of spiders. Now it has even become fashionable to grow hair in the nose and then take care of it and increase its volume.

12. Hello Kitty for your eyes

Decorative contact lenses are used by girls quite rarely, such as cases where it is necessary to emphasize and supplement a bright and unusual image. The Japanese company Fall in Eyez has brought us decorative Hello Kitty lenses. They are created under the license of the company Sanrio and are especially popular with young Japanese ladies.

11. Neon eyeliner for eyes, brows, and lips

In general, carefully applied highlighter is enough to add a little shine to the face. But fashion doesn’t stand still. Increasingly, you can see makeup options with neon “cosmic” eyeliners.

10. Glitter for a bad hair day

This is a great option for a photo shoot, but it’s hard to imagine girls with hair densely covered with sparkles on the street. We wonder how many times you have to wash your hair to get rid of all this...

9. Dyed armpits

Сolored hair on the head isn’t trendy anymore. Now they color hair in the armpits! The idea is doubtful because the skin there is very susceptible to chemical attack. And some think that it doesn’t look very nice.

8. Wavy makeup

Makeup today is regarded as a form of art. For beauty bloggers, this is definitely true. Wavy makeup is easy to create — just don’t try to draw arrows, eyebrows, or lips clearly. Give free rein to your imagination. But then it’s better to remove it all. Wavy makeup, goodbye! 2018 is not for you.

7. Fur nails

This is the most unusual novelty in nail art. You can use not only fur but feathers with down. No more cold nails for those who decide to go for this experiment! But such a manicure seems unrelatable to ordinary life. How would you hold a spoon, type on a keyboard, or take a shower?

6. Plasticwear

You have to be very brave to wear this. It does not look very fashionable and seems more appropriate for fishermen. We have so much plastic in our lives already...maybe too much?

5. Detachable cut-out jeans for cowgirls

Looks cool for...cowgirls. In fact, it’s hard to understand how they were invented and for what reasons. Jeans stockings? But why? And the buttocks probably get cold...

4. Crazy double-faced boots

These boots were doomed to failure from the outset. Have you ever seen someone in them?

3. Drawings on hair

It is probably very difficult to maintain such a color for a long time. Multicolored hair is already boring everyone. If someone wants to surprise people with the color of their hair, well, in our world it is already commonplace. Just be yourself!

2. A brand logo on the head

A great idea...for the marketer of a company. Although, no — even for him, it will be very weird. Take care of your head, and eat Oreos instead. Don’t become a walking ad.

1. Lips with rhinestones

The words “shine bright like a diamond” are mostly about inner happiness, not about wearing rhinestones and shining like a unicorn 24/7. Please, stop it.


This product is a collaboration between CROCS and Balenciaga. Well, it’s a very comfortable option for gardening and for people who spend all day on their feet. But it’s not high fashion!

One more shoe disaster. If it’s cold enough for warm socks, maybe it’s better to wear sneakers.

Which fashion trend seemed the most strange to you? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit xxtra_glam/Instagram