13 Ancient Beauty Secrets That Are Useful Even Today

Women have strived for beauty since time immemorial. Today WeGoRo brings you several of the secrets that have proved their usefulness over the ages.

Olive oil

Ancients called this product "golden," and with good reason: olive oil is now a base for numerous skin and hair care creams, shampoos, and balms.


Ancient Roman women spent many hours in their baths, enjoying small talk and changing hot and cool water.

Aromatherapy massage

Massage has always been a favorite of many beautiful ladies, and when aroma balms and oils are added, the session is a dream come true.

Textured fabric instead of a scrub

When there’s no scrub at hand (or it’s not yet been invented), a cloth perfectly deals with doing away with dead skin cells.


No one knows whose idea it was to use sugar for epilation, yet it’s thousands of years old. Ladies loved it for its long-lasting effect.

Rosehip and cream balm

Roses for fragrance, cream for the softest skin ever. This recipe is as simple as it is brilliant.

Honey masks

Honey also has numerous qualities for beauty that’ve been known for millennia. Anti-cellulite massage, for instance, is very easy to do: just apply some honey to the troubled area, press your palm against it, tear your hand away, and repeat.

Henna and basma

Women have long used henna and basma in various proportions to make their hair strong, healthy, and of a desired color.

Egg masks

There are many recipes, but the essence is the same: egg masks make hair strong and shiny every time.

Cabbage leaves

This trick has been used by breastfeeding mothers for hundreds of years. The pain- and inflammation-relieving properties of cabbage leaves make them soothing for mothers when applied directly to the breasts.

Sour cream

This was, perhaps, discovered by accident when someone washed out a dish of sour cream and found that their hands became soft and tender the next day. If you have some, don’t hesitate to use it every day.

Lemon juice

If henna and basma make hair red or dark, then lemon juice and sun lighten it up. When blonde is trending, it’s always this recipe that comes first and has been for centuries.


Clay is indispensable to any lady. Radiant skin, strong hair, smooth trouble areas free of cellulite — clay has worked wonders since ancient times.